in the Garden


we have had a slow start in the garden this much rain, little sun...flea beetles

but things are starting to come around, it felt so good after all my traveling to pull weeds, pick beans... enjoy what is here.

I like to post of the garden so I can look back and see what it looked like last year and the year before that at the end of July... my journal notes like gardeners past who kept written notes on the state of the weather and the plants and the goings on

Garden Garden2 Garden4Garden7

it's different every year and climate change is having it's effects...but it's looking pretty good finally, looking forward to our next garden dinner

a Few Hours on the Beach



I was in south Florida for the week for work and was able to spend a few hours at the John D MacArthur Beach State Park...a biological treasure of mangrove forests, birds and fish of all types and a beautiful long stretch of beach



a rainbow after the afternoon rain..


a long boardwalk that leads you through the forested areas from the beach...
Beach11 Beach2 Beach12

and I had to jump in to experience that warm Atlantic water!

Beach13 Beach9

life is good!




Santa Fe...Art Overload


We spent a weekend in Santa Fe...soaking in all the amazing artwork as well as the International Folk Art Market. 750 artists from over 88 overwhelming but in a fabulous way.

The museum hill where this takes place makes sure every detail is perfect, each walkway and booth with a different hanging sculptural theme, fantastical against the New Mexico sky.

The artist take home 90% of the sales of their artwork. There are so many stories of how this event impacts the lives of artist all over the world. One small women's collective of stitching artists from India made enough this weekend to supply food for their entire community for the coming year.

Artmarket Artmarket2 Artmarket3 Artmarket4 Artmarket5

Artmarket6 Artmarket12

This Guatemalan hooked rug came home with me... and the delightful woman who is part of the cooperative that makes them.

and then there is all the art on the plaza and along Canyon Road

Canyon Canyon2 Canyon4 Canyon6

throw in great food, yummy drinks, Flamenco...

Plaza Plaza3 Plaza4

pretty happy we live a reasonable drive away...








Monarch Musings


sharing a most beautiful poem, 'Zacuanpapalotls' by Brenda Cardenas


We are space between-

the black-orange blur

of a million Monarchs

on their two-generational migration

south to fir-crowned Michoacan

where tree trunks will sprout feathers,

a forest of paper-thin wings.


Our Mexica cocooned

in the membranes de la Madre Tierra

say we are reborn zacuanpapalotls,

mariposas negras y anaranjadas

in whose sweep the dead whisper.


We are between-

the flicker of a chameleon's tail

that turns his desert-blue backbone

to jade or pink sand,

the snake-skinned fraternal twins

of solstice and equinox


The ashen dawn, silvering dusk,

la oracion as it leaves the lips,

the tug from sleep,

the glide into dreams

that husk out mestizo memory.


We are-

one life passing through the prism

of all others, gathering color and song,

cempazuchil and drum

to leave a rhythm scattered on the wind,

dust tinting the tips of fingers

as we slip into our new light.


Sorry to see the Week End


We packed a lot in this long holiday weekend...the opening of the Viva la Vida exhibit at CHAC, we started with dinner at the Interstate Cafe, visited a few other galleries on Santa Fe and enjoyed a beautiful evening

ChacInterstate Chacstreet


Show is up through the end of the month, lots of great work to catch on Santa Fe


took my mom out on the lake kayaking,

yeah, she had a great time


Tess and Pete were in town for a wedding, happy to spend time with them



the best fireworks...evah!

and the women win the World Cup...woo hoo!!!

hard to beat this one!



oh the blog...and vacation sharing


I miss the hay days of art blogging...I've gone back and forth about giving this typepad blog up...hanging on for now. I love being able to look back as much as the sharing/learning/community.

So, first summer getaway, totally unplugged, which was lovely and relaxing...San Isabel, our little family tradition, Tess and Pete and friend Paul joining us.


Quiet downtime at our cabin, watching the weather change, drawing...eating, laughing, plenty of beer and wine


hiking to the water slide...lots of water this year, wild flowers are late, maybe too much water


finding our own spot on the lake just to sit and relax...a bit of fishing too


and a visit to Bishop's Castle, so interesting to see how it's grown over the years! A new entrance with a draw bridge over a mote...more iron walkways, even has a website now!







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