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November 17, 2006


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Vicki in Michigan

I love your oilcloth and your folk art! I love your aprons!!!

Thanks for visiting and thanks for commenting. I was lucky to get that grass/street/trees/rain pic before they picked up the leaves -- just a couple hours after I took it, the street was covered in leaf bits, so the reflections were all messed up!


I love oil cloth. Where do you find rolls of it?? And what is in the bowl?? The colors in your photo are beautiful. Very inspiring!

Carrie S.

Very pretty - I love the look of bolts of fabric/oilcloth in a stack!


You clean up first? Not fair :D Chocolate, what chocolate (I'm the same hence no chocolates at home)?


I love your oil cloth creations. Those little girl aprons are adorable! And the bags are great......I didn't put chocolate in my collage either. Yet, it's essential to my creativity! Karin

Silvia Salix

Oh, how colorful and flowery! Tee hee, your chocky ended up being eaten! I had to borrow my piece of chocolate from my daughter, who demanded I return it to her as soon as I shot my photo!

Silvia Salix

Me again! I scrolled down your blog, looking at all the lovely things. Cute aprons! I really liked the little animalitos, I love small toys, and birds. I've never seen things like these, with moving wings or tails, how fun!


I have been perusing your blog and am so in love with the beautiful things you make. The aprons are divine!


I like your post, so colourful, it makes me happy :)

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