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April 26, 2007


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Oh my! These are the best! Love love love them!!!!!! I might just have to try soemthing similar in my garden!!!! Oh....I don't know...nothing could be as lovely as these. The colors just make me quiver with delight!!!!!

Lisa Oceandreamer

Now THAT'S livin'!!
I am sitting here with a big DUH on my face! - lately after setting up my bird B&B in my old, dying orange tree I've been wanting to set up a bird bath too. Well I've painted a number of terra cotta pots and here's the DUH...why didn't I think of using the largest saucer from one to make the bird bath? So that's my plan to do immediately(today)! Thank you for the inspiration!!
I love how the passion flowers look with all your wonderful color!!

m i c h e l l e

Oh such marvelous pictures! LOVE the birdbath and that firepit...magic! I am so gonna do a firepit this weekend! Thanks!


Sounds and looks wonderful! What a cute little face. :)


this is so gorgeous - I am right there with you - I just love pictures of fire - and again about that color!!!!!!!!!!

xox - eb.

Vanessa V

I love your painting!!! That is fannnnntastic!!!! and the pup.. cutie pie!!

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