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May 18, 2007


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Kate I

Oh yes, I can see it too Stephanie! It's beautiful and full of light with birds singing in the trees and you're happily creating your heart out...and I've just dropped by for tea!

m i c h e l l e

Yep, these are good wishes. Your future space sounds so perfect! I got to tell ya though, your house now sure looks purty to me! :-)

Art Tea Life

Of course I see it !

In my wish , I am sitting in the corner of that studio room having tea with you !

xo- S

Art Tea Life

laughing ! Kate was there too I see !


I always check out the comments by other Stephanies when I see them on the blogs I read ('cause that is just the kind of narcissist I am, I guess!) and your comment led me here.

And I must say - what a fabulous looking blog you have! Can't wait to spend some time reading it.


what a beautiful place! i am enjoying your posts and the pictures are really great!

Monica Yvette

Nice place and blog you have there. Good luck on your wishes!


this looks pretty duckie to me - and I'd love to join you for tea as well-

3 wishes:

1) home studio completed - with lots of shelving - a little balcony off the west overlooking the lake;

2) turning the town studio into a gallery/workshop space;

3) periodic travels to exotic/unusual/new to me places for journaling, rejuvenation and fresh experiences and material - to bring back to said home studio and work with - then show and share at said town studio.

Gee Stephanie! - thanks for asking - it almost sounds doable - what do you think?

- that Mary Oliver quote - let me quote it properly: "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" - Mary Oliver.

xox - eb.


Wow, your house is beautiful! I grew up in a yellow ochre painted house and as an adult always wanted one for myself. So warm and cozy looking.

I think your dreams are actually very attainable. I suspect you do not even need to win the lottery! Why not get a few builders in for might be surprised at what they say! Then you could start an account to save up the amount (very motivating) or take a small business loan!

Please forgive all the advice-giving! I was just very taken with your dreams, myself!


What a beautiful retreat you describe! Of course, I find your home already very beautiful and inspirational, but I can envision your fabulous wish studio and it would be wonderful!

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