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June 29, 2007


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Tomatoes speak summer to me. I've grown them every year for about 20 years now. Whether it's a BLT, Salsa, Tomato sandwich, or just eating one like an apple - they are my favorite food.

Fave drink in the summer... beer, of course. Especially the delicious home brew that my sweet hubby makes.


I'm loving that collage - fave summer lunch?

well that bulgar wheat salad I had yesterday was terrific - I love fresh greens - arugula, bean salads, fruit, (those cherries sound yummy) fruit smoothies on hot days...

My Mom and I had a sandwich up on the mountain with a chardonnay - that was lovely...

xox - eb.

Jill cherries especially since I found a cherry pitter!


well lets see-- I love everything summer (except mosquitoes) and would be quite content to eat fruit , cheese and crackers for lunch. have been experimenting with many new cheeses. although i have to say my stomach does not really like all that dairy. i eat salad all summer long because i'm always watching that girlish figure when i'm sporting a bikini.
just finished crafting a great handmade journal out of chipboard and envelopes and have started reading eat,love & pray......

Art Tea Life

My favorite Summer Time Thing is Caprese Salad ! ... Did I spell that right ?

When the basil is fresh picked and you layer it with tomatoes that have marinated in olive oil and pepper and wonderful fresh mozarella .... I go to the moon !

Favorite Drink...oh there is this drink our friends made with a lemon syrup and really goooood tequila that is DELICIOUS !

That kind of drink ?

Otherwise, fresh homemade lemonade with little Meyer Lemons...I like that !

Kicking myself for not picking up cherries !

That brooch collage with the wings...FANTASTIC !


ahh... my favourite summer snack is definitely iced coffe and cucumber sandwiches.............

Vanessa V

I have been eatin' too many cherries for words. I am such a wonderful girlfriend. I even pitted a whole pile for the geezer today. It was a lovely gesture. I had to "ASK" if he enjoyed them. Sheesh. Men. Anyhow, I also love extra ripe cantelope, and popsicles. xxxoooo

m i c h e l l e

Oh man, I'm getting hungry just reading through your post and all these comments!

Fresh, ripe cherries is probably one of my most favorite summer snacks. And iced tea (even though it's not a "food") I drink gallons of it during the summer!


I love cherries too. I even love that they have have pits. If they didn't have pits, I wouldn't like them quite as much.

I like the image you created above very much.

Enjoy your cherries. I think of you today as I eat mine.



I really like your Virgins Natura!! Just Fabulous!


love your design, very creative. Cherrys say summer to me. When the fresh BC cherries come in early July that to means summer is here..

Jungle Dream Pagoda

That image is absolutely special and lovely!!!!!It seems very Magritte,but very you!

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