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June 08, 2007


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OOoo!! I love the green rocker! and the blue table is definitely fabulous too! Love all of the colorful inspiration around you!
:) Abbie


yay! thank you for nominating me. can you tell i'm blushing? i can't wait to give you a hug in person!


Thank you Stephanie for nominating me!!
What an honor for a bebe blogger!
Now on to the topic of studio space. I am the luckiest one right now I have a Gigantic space. I've recently started respecting my space by keeping it organized for the only time in my life! Something happened within me, as profound as the day I learned how to finally comprehend books at age 24. I suspect part of the reason for this change is my husband and I will be moving later this year, and I fear I will have a very small space. So I am preparing in advance mentally. Space or no space I have always found a way to create. Creating is like breathing. Thanks again!


I love your colorful spaces and the ethnic art you have everywhere! I am hoping someday to have shiny hardwood floors, too, but do you worry about things spilling onto them?


oh my gosh Stephanie - I am so honored that you - (as a thinking blogger yourself) think of me and my little be... dream... playroom in this way - I must say that you are the fuel and inspiration for what happens there much of the time. Thank you so much and I'll get to thinking about my nominees - I love your studio spaces - I get great comfort from seeing other little overflow areas - just like my whole house!

xox - eb.

Monica Yvette

Oh boy, I'm really enjoying your tour and your links!


Such a cosy house you have!! Thank you for showing us around ;-) I love your dream studio what a great place! I love your refdlective thoughts on it all! Such gorgeous things you create!

m i c h e l l e

Stephanie your space is so lovely...heck, your HOUSE is SO lovely. I just love the brilliant colors compliment the light colored walls. :-)


so when can I move in????

(I am woefully behind - where can I get the code for the thinking award? I have looked high and low and can't find it!)

Jungle Dream Pagoda

I really like those thoughts you have on a studio space,I aspire to design childrens clothes and open an Etsy to hawk my wares,but alas,I've no space to assemble.


Heeey, have you been reading my mind??! I swear, I've read three or four of your posts and every one of them has resonated with me! :)
I just cleaned my "creativity room" and came to three realizations - that one, I need to send some of my finished artwork out into the world and two, that I have the makings of a new sketchbook with the theme of water and three, I really, really need to have a garage sale!

In answer to you question about space and the size of artwork - I usually work small and maybe that has to do with the fact that I have ONE table to paint on and stack of negatives in the corner. got me a'thinkin'...

Constance's blog, Rochambeau, IS a delightful gem. She's even lovelier in person!

Vanessa V

What an amazing space you have miss R!!!! it is divine. Your home is amazing!!! xoxoxox

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