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June 14, 2007



wow - Stephanie - this is an amazing and wonderful post - so love those images - I could spend hours studying the intricacies - also love the Buddhist view - and... Boone at age 11 will be in a digital camera camp this summer - will be fun to see what happens there.

I added an extra link - the Stampinton creative blogging issue promo - c'mon back if you like

xox - eb.

Kate I

Stephanie this is such a great post. I love your photographs and the beautiful detail. You've captured the essence of meditative focus.


Oh yes, details details! I love looking at the details - like the veins on a leaf or the petals dotted with pollen on a flower...

I will have to try some photos too - if I can hold the camera still enough!

Great post Stephanie.


I love macro shots! I have been experimenting with that myself lately. I joined a flickr group called secret life of flowers and the shots are all done in macro to discover things about plants you don't normally see with the naked eye. I appreciate photos that haven't been touched up more so than those that have been manipulated. Thank you for sharing the background into on this particular type of photography. Great info!


i love this! i may try it myself...


That is so fascinating... I know my youngest takes fabulous pictures when she has to be the picture-taker! I love the parsley picture.

Lisa Oceandreamer

This is a fantastic post and really gives new meaning to taking photos. I have a new camera I am still getting used to and one of my goals is the macro photo. (I want to get the macro lens for it). After reading this taking photos will have a much more zen experience to it.
One thing I have NOT mastered is Photoshop - now that's a class I could use. But in the meantime I will keep in mind the natural composition and see with a better eye now.
Thanks for sharing this!!


What a great post and beautiful photographs! I really like your site and your fabulous oilcloth creations. Thanks for stopping by Sweetheartville!


I hadn't heard of Miksang before reading your post. It's an interesting concept - the idea that focusing on the small physical details in life can lead to a more compassionate society. It makes sense given that it requires focus, study and meditation. I'm going to give Miksang a try this weekend. :)


If you have Miksang, you will never be board. Thank you for your beautiful photographs and works Stephanie!


Fascinating stuff off to check out the link now.


something that I would like for you to see - xox - eb.


you are so sweet - thank you -

xox - eb.


You have inspired me once again! I gave this a try...come see!


I love taking macro images I get very intimate with nature in doing so I never knew that there was an ~art called Miksang~! Is that like ~I am a poet and don't know it~ Thanks for enlightening me! Love your images!hugs NG

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