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July 20, 2007


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m i c h e l l e

What a stunning post, Stephanie! Yes yes yes! All those shades of yellow are just so happy-making! And that sunflower! Gorgeous!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

And can I tell you how jealous I am of your house? The colors, the stucco. You just don't find very many stucco house in the Northwest. It's all that wood siding crap. And being an original SoCal girl, I really miss it!


Wonderful cheeful colour just what this rain soaked island need right now.

Alisa Noble

AHH, what yummy, yellowie pictures!

Karin (creativechaos)

I love yellow even though I rarely use it in my art. It's Carlos's FAVORITE color from since he could say 'lellow"...... You always have the best pictures! I would love to see your house in real life! Just the glimpses are so wonderful. It's the perfect warm shade of yellow....


you know Boone used to say "lellow" too... such a sweet memory - I believe that yellow is what children most frequently declare as their favorite

those yellow roses are my favorite

we once had a whole room painted banana - now it is red... moving in a neutral direction

I especially like yellow in the winter to warm up with

the melon yellow of your house is lovely

yellow is associated with the solar plexus chakra - in Aura-Soma speak it is about - briefly:
joy, assimilation and how one manages one's power

I love color discussions - very nice post - beautiful images

xox - eb.


Your yellows are so rich and bright to look at. The picture with the roses on the blue plate really calls to me. That is a good color combo blue and yellow. One time I went on a house tour in Pasadena. I was with ladies of all ages. We walked into a room with the yellow color you feature here on your blog. Each person felt soothed to be in that room. That's how it feels on your blog.
Have a great Saffron colored day Stephanie!


Beautiful photos! So bright and youdid a great job at capturing so many diffent shades of yellow =)


Of course I always think of your site when I think of yellow - oh so bright.
You so inspire me with your intricate pieces that I attempted an acrylic for my daughter for Christmas
My first acrylics. There is another I am still working on for my other daughter.

Thanks for your inspirational brighness!


I loved your yellow post, Stephanie. After reading it, I went outside and looked at all my sunflowers and yellow day lilys. By chance today, I bought three yellow Vera sunflower plates today at an estate sale. They are vibrant.


i love all your yellows. i love yellow too! it is pleasant for my eyes and looks great in natural light. my kitichen is yellow. my daughter's room is yellow. my husband stopped me there. it's okay, there are other things that can or will be yellow. :)

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