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July 26, 2007


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michelle ward

what? of course you can play. ANYONE can play. and when you make such coolness, like above, who wouldn't want some?? stephanie, thank you for joining the team with the mail art crusade. such vibrant color and pattern, what fun to get in the mail!! keep spreading that love :)


oh STEPHANIE!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes Yes Yes - PLEASE DO PLAY!!!!!!!!

wow wow wow


I'm signing up

and yours goes out tomorrow

such delightful love

xox - eb.


in the process of linking you here - come see - in a few minutes - or whenever - really inspired...

xox - eb.


I want to play too!!! I will send you my addy and you send me yours!!!! What fun this is!!!


I want to play too, I'm already working on my mail art for eb.....who can't use even MORE mail art??? Am I supposed to sign up somewhere else or is it between the individuals? OH yes, let's me and we're off and running!! or should I say off and MAILING!!


sounds like fun I am game as well! let me know how to join the fun! :)

m i c h e l l e

I could sure use me some love'n! I want to play too! And yep, gotta agree, blog pals are huge huge huge inspiration!


I love your envies! They are rich and delicious! The milagro is the kicker for me as they are one of my favorite symbols. I would love to play too if you are not too overwhelemed. :D


Send me some too and I would love to play!


Now who could resist some of this wonderful, colorful fun in a mailbox??? I would love to play too!!!!!!!! Isn't Michelle wonderful? I think we should give her a sainthood; the patron saint of spray paint!LOL. Send along your addy and I would be happy to spread the love!


love your wonderful colourful work!

Kate I

I'd love to play too Stephanie but will be away for a week or so. Maybe the next round...if that's how it works?

A Fanciful Twist

WOW how lovely!!! What a whole lot of art lovin' xoxoxo


you inspire me stephanie! i want to play too. shoot me an email with your address.
at the moment my source of inspiration is "writing from the heart" a book i am reading by nancy aronie. she should of really called it "living from the heart" i cannot put it down. in the intro she highly reccomends reading "the artist's way" by julia cameron. i already got it and skimmed through it. i can't wait to get to it next! i aside from endorsed recipes, i like reccomended reading so feel free to share your favorites, by email or perhaps a future post. eb of dream play and be happy also very much inspires me. have a fantastic weekend!


I'm not at all familiar with mail art but your work is LOVELY! Thanks for some weekend inspiration!!!

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