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July 13, 2007


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Yes, it's a cycle and I love it!!! Full steam ahead! Beautiful flower and planter you have there.

m i c h e l l e

Hmmm...this insight just made me smile. Yes, very cyclical. Maybe that's why I love vintage stuff so much. Specifically vintage sewing stuff. I was in awe of my mother's sewing abilities her sewing box was a treasure chest to me.


Words to remember! Sometimes it is hard not to compare our work or think that it's not good enough - especially when we're experiencing a moment of frustration. You're absolutely right - we need to acknowledge our achievements. What creative accomplishments am I celebrating? Well, I spent years thinking that I couldn't paint so I didn't even try. Then I finally enrolled in an encaustics class with a friend and learned an entirely new art medium. Now I'm excited to pick up a brush and to paint. It's a learning lesson every time. And the real shocker: I'm actually displaying my paintings up on the wall and have even sold a few in exhibitions!


PS - Yes, I'd love to see your mermaid when it's finished. I'll show you mine when it's done, too. :)


love so how your bright gerbera daisy
and bean-pot flowers
complement your banner...

i just left your color-filled blog up
as a screen saver
while i made my morning tea,
so thanks much.


PS--i am celebrating
the discovery of YOUR creativeness
which i found here!


I'm celebrating having my husband around for the first full weekend in literally months! It's not so creative, I know... but hey it's worth stating. I hope you're enjoying your weekend in your beautiful surroundings!!

Stephanie G.

Wonderful insight!

A Fanciful Twist

Well, if I look at it this way, all I can say is, Thank you for sharing and then

TEQUILA!!!! TA-ta ta-ra ta-ra tatta!!!!

Okay, we can pretend drink Tequila. As, I am not into feeling woozy, sick or disoriented. But still, if we look at our achievments as such, then we would all be dancing around. Who knew???? Yippee! xoxox


seeing this on Monday after a week of camp with my fab 5 - and very little blog visiting time during that week -
this means a lot - we can so easily go into a spin and forget to assess where we've been and be grateful
and then move on with new insights - and an appreciative calm

xox - eb.


This REALLY hit home for me....instead of lamenting I am not fulfilling all I COULD be I should be celebrating how far I've come in getting back to the artist that was lost. I celebrate the fact I have the freedom to keep reaching higher!!
GREAT post and the quote is one I will have to copy and paste and reread!

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