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September 06, 2007


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catching you, scooping you up - little wild butterfly birthday girl... watch for the guy with the flowers and the jag... see you soon...

xox - eb.


amazing trees! what a beautiful post.


Happy Birthday! I agree with you, when the time is ripe for something, things just work out. Hope you have a great day!

Vicki in MIchigan

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~~~Happy Birthday~~~

you stylish youngster, you!
may all your wishes come true,
and then some more!

you are going to the art hop?

what a birthday celebration, i say.

[i bet the entire art hop thing was just for you]

wow! with you 2 together the colors
will be flying left and right!


carry on...
we expect Tons of photos, by the way...

Jeff U.

Happy Birthday Steph! Love your blog! Have a Great Day!


a very happy birthday to you stephanie!!! may the universe bring to you peace and joy in your life. have a fantastic time at the art hop and kiss eb for me. wish i could be there too.


so glad i stopped by your blog today--didn't know it was your birthday.have a very happy birthday and have fun at the art hop (?) sounds fun wish i could be there ...


Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear you! Happy Birthday to you!

And I love the photo!


Great picture of bamboo trees! Amazing.

I think life has a road already mapped out for us and our influences can sometimes hinder that travel. I guess it's truly all of what you make of it and want at that moment. Good luck with your dreams!


I agree Stephanie!!
One of my true goals has taken SO LONG to receive. It has been important to learn to love the work along the way, so that I have the right base to receive the Grand Prix!!

Jungle Dream Pagoda

Oh !!! Happy Birthday!!! You deserve the loveliest of birthdays!!!


Happy Birthday!!! What fun to talk to you! Can't wait to see and hear all about it.
Tell Maxine, Hi!

Kate I

Happy Birthday! How wonderful for you and eb to spend some creative and birthday time'll simply float home (who needs a plane)!


love and best wishes to the lovely luminous angel from Longmont...

so happy to have shared the wing-ed light (and heat!?!)... until we hop again...

the be... dream... play...

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