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November 16, 2007


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Hi Steph,
Beautiful color pallet. That Spanish lady is so inspirational. I do believe this lovely lady knows a secret or two. Maybe she knows what you are going to create next?!



Wow!! I just saw your book from the Bloglandia Ball! Such fun!! I saw some beautiful frocks that I had missed, so THANK YOU!!

Kate I

Beautiful Stephanie! After visiting your home I can see that you truly live in your colour's such a lovely melding of these colours.


ahhhhhhhhhh...color!!!!!!!!! what would we do without it?

Jungle Dream Pagoda

Spectacular execution of this exercise! If I understood the color wheel better I might try it myself!


Mmm - the colorful eye candy here is delicious. Thank you!

Paris Parfait

Love these colours and that vintage postcard look! xo

Mosaic Queen

Hello Stephanie
I am a woman that loves color!
Your combination is beautiful!
Please come pay me a visit at my new blog.

Linda Gleitz

Steph, beautiful colors...thank you so much for the much needded words of encouragement on my new work...and I LOVE the spirit house on the top top of the blog!!!-Linda

Monica Yvette

I've long been a fan of the complimentary color scheme. Maybe that's why I've always liked the look and style of your blog:) Nice post.

Dawn-Enigma Artist

Great post on the topic for SF.


i love the color wheel ala rodrigvitzstlye! love it! and the colors in the spirit house are delightful! i almost want to get it! love the vintage-y post card too.

laura from coconutannies

I love your take on the color wheel!


Wonderful take on Studio Friday's theme this week. Beautiful images.

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