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April 04, 2008


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the prices looked good; business cards (@ $10 - theirs; @ $20 moo) I also noticed that they had a place to upload quark files; that is the first time I have seen a printer with that. usually they hear "QuarkXpress" and go running the other way


oh Steph - this is wonderful - will try - thanks for the lesson - I have yet to "get" the p/s brush thing - very cool...

xox - eb.

Paris Parfait

It is fabulous! Thanks for the tip. xoxox


=^..^= stephaine!

This is just ::waaay:: to cool ...
I really must learn photoshop. I am so behind times!
So lost.

I like the idea of a bookmark as a giveaway at shows.
Always something nice and stands out from the same-same stuff one sees everywhere. Especially yours ... really wonderful color. Happy! Your work always invokes a smile from me.

Wish I were going to the show!
I miss shows ::sigh:: must do one again sometime!
(of course when I was doing the travel thing ... I missed home.)

Isn't life funny.
=^..^= love, zU

Kate  I

I LOVE making brushes in Photoshop and I love making bookmarks too (great idea for gifts for your bookclub!) The "storyboard" style layout is a good choice for something long and rectangular like this.

They'll be a hit at the show!

Julie Prichard

I think it's fabulous!! This process is also a great way to turn a carved stamp into a stencil!

Jenny F

Love the idea of a book mark card and it looks great. Well done.


Great idea to give bookmarks...I went to the Frida exhibit in Philadelphia and they were giving away bookmarks with three of her images.
Good photoshop tutorial...I took photoshop on line...the guy that gave the class did not use images from the computer, only text...I was lost from lesson one to six...waste of I am finding courage to go in there again and play.

art Tea Life

I think I should try that too !

Love that bookmark !

And thanks for the link - If I was a proper visitor I would have been here last week when I needed that link and been thinking SERENDIPITOUS I am just kicking myself.

Love you oodles,
Thanks for the tips / and tutorial !- S.

Uncle Brucie

Thanks for the support!


Oh cool bookmark and a brilliant idea... so useful - and much more eyecatching than a mere card!! Thanks for the P/S tip/lesson, must try this with my little stamps. I've never yet amde a brush, how versatile. ;-]
PS - Have a great show/sale!

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