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May 24, 2008


Vicki in MIchigan

LOVE your stamps! I, too, have been tempted to carve some stamps, having seen so many excellent ones around the blogosphere, but I have not yet succumbed....

Love the kimonos, too, and agree with you 100% that the packaging is wonderful.

I saw an exhibit of Japanese working-man clothing at the Textile Museum in DC several years ago. The clothing was layers and layers of indigo-dyed cloth, all stitched together........ Wonderful.

Love your fountain, and all the colors you surround yourself with.......


those flowers are truly the bees-knees!

Was just reading on tammy vitales blog about typepads linking woes. you are not alone

Kate I

Stephanie you've been so prolific with your carving projects! I just love your wee stamps of "the girls" and it's so perfect for Tess's gradutation party invites...after all, they've been her cheerleading squad for years!


the flowers are so colourful and the bees am sure are having a good time..what wonderful pictures..and your stamps are lovely..it definitely looks like celebration time

Art Tea Life

Well, Whining here too then !

But mostly whining for PEONIES and POPPIES of the most gorgeous kind (yes I see the bee).

And The Girls gone immortal ~!
(darling carvings- perfect invitations)

Happy Graduation TESS !



Wowwwwwww great stamps ! I will try one day ... but I'm scared to become an addict! ;)

Jenny F

I so envy your photography skills, those flowers are spectacular!


what are you carving the stamps in - linoleum blocks? They are lovely.

Really enjoy your blog it is one of my favorite stops of the day.



Oh my gosh! Those blooms are beyond gorgeous! Look at those colours. And oh how I love poppies!
Your stamps are terrific, Stephanie. I like how the bird looks like it's actually moving and squacking - like blackbirds when they fly after crows. And look at your pooches - so cute!

Crafty Green Poet

what a lovely post! I love the tucked in bee and the stamps and the dogs

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