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October 24, 2008


Julie Prichard

Much easier than it looks in the pacage! I was intimidated by those...

Fran Meneley

I LOVE this post! It's a great tutorial too. It can seem a little intimidating at first, but it's so easy really. Love all your bowls of "sunshine"! They just speak of summer and sun and joy - and the skulls looks so beautiful nestled in. Can't wait to hear your tips for decorating! xo frannie

Lisa Hoffman

Pull out the skull molds!
Once again we are inspired.
Rolling up my sleeves for our Skull Decorating Party...and oh, those delicious pictures...warm & glowing.


How great that is. I wish I had the time, but hopefully I can practice for next year. Have a great weekend. Thx for sharing.


thanks for sharing! I made my first mock sugar skulls this year (from plastic skulls) and it was so much fun ... can't wait for part II. :)


THIS is so fantastic!
Just in time!


this is surely THE most BEautiful tutorial I have ever seen - love the togetherness with said helper as well...

excellent use for white sugar

and any excuse - surely in the name of creativity - is a good one for dining out

YAY Steph!!!

xox - eb.



these images are divine

the shadows and light

lovin the whole she-bang

Mr. bdp agrees...

xox - eb.


wow - i had no idea at the beginning of this post that it was going to end up in candy. I have often wondered how they made thsoe little wedding mints and I bet this and I bet this is it!


This is soooooooo cool, Stephanie! I was wondering how to make those. I'm still figuring out what to make for next Sunday's big day but I have faith that it will all come together. I'll post up a reminder on Sunday. :)


What fun! Thanks so much for sharing. These are so cool.


Paris Parfait

This is terrific! Thanks so much for showing how it's done. Great photos. I LOVE all those marigolds. xoxox

Art Tea Life

Holy dia de los muertos ! WOW

Look at all that is going on ovah HE-AH

So many yummy looking Sugarheads

THEY LOOK BEAUTIFUL and what a lot of work

(Even with a Good Helper!)

I am in love w/ that photo of skulls w/ marigolds....

Love your sweet kitchen and seeing you working in it !

Thanks for the tutorial. EXCELLENT. Now on to Part 2


Gorgeous! Off to see part two now...xoxo


Very cool Steph.
Will see you & all your sugar sweetness tomorrow.


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