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November 01, 2008



What a lovely post . . . we too are not 'native' to dia de lost muertos. We discovered it after my brother passed away.
It is a lovely time to remember our loved ones and share memories. It brings some joy to the day.

quilted cavalier

I want to thank both you and Susanna for organizing this Bloglandia. I am blown away by the Dia de los Muertos artwork you create and collect. I will say that I had so much fun creating my first piece to celebrate this rich holiday to honor those who have gone before us. This was the first time I had participated in a blog event and the first time I've celebrated Dia de los Muertos - this will be the first time of many times to come.



rich, full of love and art and soul - how could it be otherwise sweet friend and inspiratrice? - thank you for the privilege of knowing you and sharing in your abundant creativity and love...

gorgeous post!

xox - eb.


Whooohooo, I am uploading my flickas as I type. Hopefully will have full blog posted within the hour.




I think it was a wonderful idea to have a Bloglandia for the Dia de Los Muertos. This was my first time building an altar and I really felt good about doing this. You inspired me, and a lot of blogger's from Mexico who I visit. I'm glad I participated. Next year will be bigger and better for my family. Your ofrenda is wonderful and the pictures tell a story. Thank you.

rachel whetzel

I'm starting tomorrow... my mom and I are working on some items for our ofrenda. I can't wait!!

Julie Prichard

I mentioned this on Susanna's blog already...now your turn: THANK YOU for hosting this event...it is really stating to take on a special meaning for me!


Thanks so much for hosting this lovely event with Susanna. It's just what I needed to do to honor my dear late husband Michael. This is the first time I've participated in Dia de los Muertos. It won't be the last! :)

I could feel the love just looking at the photographs. Wonderful post!

Paula Scott (aka Molokai Girl)

What a lovely post and what a lovely Catrina! I must say that I find myself coveting her (even though I have one too).
Thank you too to you and Susanna for putting this all together! I plan to do a subsequent post manana after my visit to the South Broadway Cultural Center's annual Dia de Los Muertos event!


Yay, it's up and happening, Stephanie! And what a terrific ofrenda you and your family put together. I'm looking at everything in each of the photographs. That Catrina is terrific - I think she'd scare the wits out of me if our paths should ever cross. And that bride and groom in the speeding car has me smiling. And tattoos! And your brother made banners for this day?! Cool! I think all the family members in the frames on your ofrenda would be laughing and having a good time with everything you've laid out for them, Stephanie. :)


Wonderful photos; making me wish I set up one of those little altars. I mentioned in another message that I had planned on taking photos at our local festival and put them up tommorrow but was rained out. I plan on doing something different but am so disappointed!
You have such a talented amazing family!

gillian at indigo blue

Glorious work Stephanie!!! So colourful and wonderful just as I knew it would be.
Thank you for introducing us to this fantastic and meaningful new holiday.
I just love it :)
Going to bed now, will visit everyone tomorrow!

Leslie Todd

I love your ofrenda. The most popular service at our small Unitarian Universalist fellowship was one that we loosely based on Dia de los Muertos and the Pagan Samhain calling of the dead. Basically we created an altar and told stories of our loved ones, both human and animals, who had passed on. Thanks for sharing this.

Jenny F

Bravo! well done dear one.

robin west

we are kindred spirits. i live in tucson where our city celebrates with the all souls procession, this year on Nov. 9th, a parade of 10,000 or so catrinas and catrins.you should check out the website with the most wonderful photos and altars from recent years. www.allsoulsprocession.org
thanks for your very cool blog

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