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December 04, 2008


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Linda@Lime in the Coconut

Oh.Love touring homes at Christmas. Heck, love touring homes ANYTIME (invited or not. But let me say, your photography could make a pile of dog poop look amazing! Really. You have such a beautiful way around tht camera!

You know that is a challenge now, right?

In our town they are opening up art studios for gawkers like me...My friend Ginny is in it . I can't wait!!

Merry Merry Artist lady!

elizabeth bunsen

wow - what fun!
lucky UHU...

silly me

xox - eb.


Looks like you had a lot of fun at the Holiday Home Tour. Everything looks so inviting. We have a lot of showcases in the summer. They are always fun. Enjoy your Friday.


What fun this is. It's like visiting model homes on steroids.

Fran Meneley

Ho ho...whoa!!! I'm doing this tomorrow. And I'll try to hit the other open studios in Prospect as well. So MUCH going on! Thanks for the preview! xo frannie

Julie Prichard

Simple for me, really... I look forward to putting Christmas lights up on the house...(no big bulbs anymore though to save electricity) and starting new traditions in the house this year. Just being together makes me happy.

Have a great weekend, Stephanie!


This is so fantastical and pretty and festive! Thanks for these photos; more decoration ideas to steal! That stair rail treatment is amazing. And the PINK!

I look forward to making hot chocolate or hot buttered rum, turning off all the indoor lights, and letting the tree lights and the candles and the tiny village lights illuminate everything in a warm glow. Soft music, and talking. yum.


Thank you and Tess for taking me along for the home tour Steph!
LOVE those xmas ball flower holders!!! Will do that one!
AND the brown and pink in the girls room looks delicious.
Back to the land of handbag making. Yours was a welcome respite!


Yes, I think the children's room has your name on it!
I adore looking round other people's houses.
Just nosy I guess - or curuious or inquisitive........
love from New York


I have always wanted a white tree. i saw a lovely pink one at urban outfitters the other day. wonderful t see your smiling daughter.


Your Christmas is just beautiful !!! Happy, Happy Christmas.


Oh that furniture is dreamy - those lucky Who's down in Whoville...Thanks for sharing the fun!


I WANT that bedroom set too!


How fun is this! I used to love that tour, still have an ornament I got 35 years ago on one! Love the Seuss stuff, what an imaginative set that Cindy Lou Who had to play on! Enjoy your day, smooches


The big challenge for me is what to do for Chanukah that is in keeping with the holiday and prettier than the icky commercial stuff. Who decided Chanukah decorations must be blue and white? And why is it all so stiff?

I'd like to do something wild and fanciful and exciting, like at these homes. Love the Christmas tree ball vases and the little baby masks.

Thanks for the tour, Steph. And good luck at the craft fair!

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