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March 26, 2009


LIsa Hoffman

Adding this movie to the list NOW....thanks for the recommendation!

Everything that Katy does is SO beautiful, lyrical and so "Katy". Her work fits perfectly into your home and studio.....ah, white flowers to go with our white SNOW!!!!

Paging Spring.....spring?.....


yes yes!

she looks FABULOUS!


this is actual what the INside of my head looks like
blooming petals of confusion...

she looks so flirtatious
under the floppy green leaves
but i feel,
as lovely as she is,
that she seems rather pensive.

by any chance,
roots sprouting?


{{ better go look }}


Pretty vase, Stephanie. The white flowers in the vase remind me of the white flower Billie Holiday wore during her performances.


where to begin
to tell you
how nutritious
all this is


how joyous and


each and every post


xox - eb.


A fun photo of an awesome vase whose hair is the flowers themselves. Genius


Beautiful vase...Katy's work is new to me. I must go over and take a closer look.
I am going to sit outside and paint today...it will be in the 70's :)


So did she get to come inside mango land before the snow covered her lovely head? I can't complain that it snowed here yesterday since it has been so glorious this week and I may add white hydrangeas to my shopping list today. I love her against your blue fence too. smooches

Paris Parfait

Really lovely combination! xoxox


What an awesome vase! Perfect for white hydrangeas. Thanks for the movie tip...going to Netflix right now ;)

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