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April 30, 2009


a fanciful twist

Oh, yes, and they have also caught words and feelings and secrets and ideas, fluttering in the wind, don't you think??

There is beauty in it for sure... Even though it lost some of this and that ;)


ps: You mean that baby below is going to live with you???????


I love how you paint here, this concept of disintegration... so important... for I don't think many of us (us is a disguise for "me") do well with letting things go, letting them fall apart, especially when strongly attached... XO

Julie Prichard

This was a great experiment...I love how your papers are still vibrant..just like your art.. can't wait to see the next phase.


love these words
"like a child...
that grows older..."
you are wise
and your disintegration
has ripened
into a rich
and lusty wisdom
skirts and aprons
blowing in the wind
BEautiful indeed

xox - eb.


who knew
flowers and colors
a w a y...
could look
so lovely?
Well, wise you - that's who!

judy wilkenfeld

So so beautiful.
Love the colours muting away. Looking forward to seeing the next stage.


this is so wonderful


these beauties are fading
as the ~move ~past ~prime
where oh where
is the gray hair?
the double chin?


{{ somethings
are not in Their genes,
it would seem. }}

so attractive
how age is taking Them back
to Their beginnings...
shows They have good bones
and need no trivialities.

----> watch out for lessons learned...


I had to keep flipping back and forth the two posts to get the full effect - what a brilliant project Seth put out into the world. I am looking forward to visiting many of the other participants as well ... do you have plans for these weathered bits?


I love the softness, the way the paper takes on a cloth like appearance and how the colors held in spite of harsh treatment by the elements. And your description is wonderful as well. It's lovely and what a great project. Enjoy your day, I see sun shining for you guys! smooches

Dawn Sellers

Wonderfully colorful bundle! I'm also looking forward to the next phase.

Lee Anne "Nikki"

I love the slow change in colors...it brings out the texture of life!


Subtle changes....but it still looks like a celebration. Glorious colours!

leslie M.

Oh, how beautiful. Your flags have aged well. Still colorful, but gaining character.


very nice! I like that: empty pockets.

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