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July 19, 2009


Rhonda Roo

Wow! Congratulations, what a wonderful concept! And, I dont know her, but I love Barbara Stone for nurturing her dear friend's legacy.
You must be thrilled and excited and, I hope proud!
Rock on!


How wonderful. I'm sure it will be very successful. You go girl! and CONGRATULATIONS.


looks great!!!!

Linda@Lime in the Coconut

Everything you touch and create is irresistable. Do you not know that yet??!

Congrats...Go far. You will!

elizabeth bunsen

everywhere you go
pearls present their pretty faces
Steph - you have the golden touch
loving this...

xox - eb.

Kate Iredale

Steph, this is wonderful and so well deserved! Your dedication and passion to nurturing your creative spirit has been an inspiration to me since I first "met" you both online and then in person.

I am simply thrilled for you.


Congrats! How exciting to see an idea come to fruition. The world needs more spaces like this:)

lyle baxter

you know we are cheering you on! just wish we could stop in! lyle


What a wonderful place to display and talk art! Congratulations on your new venture and best of luck! If I was nearer, I would be there in a flash :)

Paris Parfait

Oh that is FANTASTIC! So pleased to see the collaboration of amazing artists come to fruition. And I notice your art, as well as your photos are part of it. How I wish I could come visit in person! Wishing you the best of luck in this exciting new venture! xoxox

Elizabeth Wix

Congratulations this is so thrilling.
It looks wonderful and so well done.
I wish I could come to visit it.

Vicki in Michigan

It looks like a wonderful venue. One I would surely visit, were it here in A2.

Those frames are the perfect backdrop for your stencilry!!!

Shadowboxes, no glass, with the stencilry lifted ... on foamcore? or?

Please tell..... :-)

Charlotte Rossmann

I just drove down Main Street looking for this and now I realize it's probably on 4th next to the Firehouse.
Very soon I will stop by.
It looks great!


will you look at that!

Mondays with Maxine
has a new home
with all her sister books!



your name in GOLD on the window!
GeT OuT!

i am so proud of you ♥

{{ i knew it!
i knew your books would find
The Perfect Spot!
i knew it!
as that means there will

so proud ♥ ♥ ♥

{{ why can i not Actual Travel
to your neighborhood
in the blink of an eye? why oh why? }}


Wowww, what a cool place! Congartulations!

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