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August 26, 2009


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Jenny F

When I saw the leaf I thought I was looking through it to see the image. Very cool.

caterina giglio

lovely shrine!


I love your blog and your colorful artwork uplifts me, so I thank you! May I ask what type of camera you use? Your pictures are always so clear and beautiful!

karen cole

Hey there cute smiley girl (love your photo). Remember me? I didn't forget you. I'm not the blogging nut I was, but I'm still a nut that loves your blog.

Perfect symbols. Love the Buddha painting.

Thinking of you and your mango studio.

xxoo K


I love all your special treasures. Perfect photos of all of them as well. Thanks Stephanie for sharing. Have a great Thursday.


That is a thoughtful gift from your friend, Stephanie. She knows you well. And it's interesting to see where you find inspiration, especially through symbols. I'll be looking for them in your artwork.

Lee Anne "Nikki" Ghilain

I Love all your treasures!!!
Congrats on your great article in Artful is beautiful and well deserved!!!!

Fran Meneley

Love your new shrine! The painting on the leaf is really beautiful and delicate...amazing. I love your new blog format. Easy to navigate, a very clean design! Looking forward to LST! xo frannie p.s. finally got the kdis back in school yesterday, so I am back in the blogosphere!


love your potent personal symbols, every single one dear Steph.
I am also loving the new look here- very *sharp*


Such lovely-NESS! You know I love all the vivid colors!!

Did you get the book? Good Mail Day ~ I got it yesterday... there is your pretty mail art on page 72. My work is in the book as well... a wonderful book!


So beautiful, so unique, such patience. Thanks for sharing it and the shrine it became. smooches


lovely; sigh... lovely. aren't those leaves from hawaii that they make necklaces out of and such?


Hi, your leaf is a pipal leaf. The Buddha was supposedly enlightened while sitting under a pipal tree.

elizabeth bunsen

yes - a bodhi leaf?
maybe the same as pipal
lovely with or without a name...

xox - eb.


that is not a lotus leaf.Its a banyan leaf. Very popular art in India. You should check Pillowtalks on etsy. She has some fantastic leaf paintings. Very detailed and bewitching.

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