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November 01, 2009



My altar and ofrendas can be found here:


Thank YOU, Stephanie and Susanna!

I LOVE your last picture!
Those catrinas rock!

lyle baxter

thank you for sharing your family's alter. this year I finally got started with a shrine devoted to my husband who died in 2006. been gonna do it finally did. he looks pleased! thanks for pushing me along! lyle ps toni posted it on our blog if anyone wants to see! and I've had a request from a friend whose husband recently died to show her how!

Elizabeth Wix

this is such a rich and lovely remembrance of your family.
I love the idea of your grandmother's mah jong tiles and the little troll all dressed up so lovely.
I have written a remembrance of my mother.
Thank you for hosting this.

Deb Taylor

Stephanie, what a beautiful gathering of wonderful memories! I can almost hear the click of the tiles and it makes me smile to know your trolls wore nothing but the finest wear! I will be grouting and painting the finishing touches on my shrine today!


Oh my gosh, Stephanie. What a great night. I must say, seeing the little bits of the altar moved me as I know it must have, ten fold, for all of you! thank you for sharing this night with us. I hope the auction goes super well. I have yet to participate and yet each year I think I should. I believe that next year will be the one for me.

You ladies look totally ghoulish in your masks and I envy you such wonderful, close friends!
Have a wonderful start to your November.

Rhonda Roo

Brilliant of course! Your ofrenda is breathtakingly lovely, I love your sweet memories, and how you incorporated the tiles and the troll doll. Perhaps next year I will do that too!

The Catrina Goddesses rock! Happy Day of the Dead, to you and yours, and thank you for hosting such a worthy celebration.




Hello! its such a special day! sending kindest thoughts to you & your family!!!

my post is at http://meanderingpearl.blogspot.com/2009/11/all-aglow-dia-di-bloglandia.html

Thank you for helping us come together at such a special time!!!

precious wishes


my grandmother helped me
with my doll's furniture and clothes, too.

isn't that just the best memory!

i think this helped usher me
into my cut-and-paste years,
which i am still in,



here is my link to Dia de Bloglandia.


my head and heart are filled with thanks
for giving me this venue
to celebrate
my father.

Julie Prichard

Happy bloglandia, Stephanie! I am saddened to be able to add another shrine on this day...but I love the new tradition of honoring my family that you have shared with me. Thank you!



such sweet vignettes!this is so nice steph. truly beautiful and a wonderful way to remember loved ones- thank you for inspiring me to participate today. i hope you have a wonderful day.

here is the link to my post: http://elsaaraya.com/blog/2009/11/01/little-altars-for-sophia/


i'm looking forward to seeing your and the other artists shrines too dear steph! fantastic cause.
biglove to you!


Hello, and very pleased to meet you. I hopped over from Rhonda's blog and ever so happy I did. Beautiful shrine...very lovely and touching. **blows kisses** Deborah


What a beautiful altar for your family, friends and pets. I'm always awed by your photos, especially these. I love the way you noted that your Grandmother Elaine made furniture for your doll house. Very nice. I thank you for sharing your family. It is truly a wonderful offering of love.

Lee Anne "Nikki" Ghilain

Just Beautiful!!


Hi Steph
I love your altar, it is lovely. I hope you have a nice celebration today with your family...my post is of last years, I fell a bit under the weather this week.
Enjoy your day! xoxo

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