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January 14, 2010



o that makes me giggle....snoring little puglies...sleeping on the envy...funny doggies...it always makes me miss our pug when i see mellie and olive...thank you for sharing them


Melly and Olive are the most beautiful family pet members I see on the blog:) It looks great in your studio and I love being inside. Unfortunately Melly and Olive took the comfortable resting places. hehehe. Take care and thanks for the peek a boo.


Oh...I LOVE it...a shipping envelope. Of course. Why not?

As always beautiful pics and words....takes me there.

Charlotte Rossmann

What a great indoor afternoon with the snow on the ground and a chill to the air, you and your pals can hang around in a snug as a bug studio!
Thanks for leaving the scarf in the milk box. Boy, is it ever beautiful! I have to thank Joyce.

LIsa Hoffman

A padded shipping envelope?!!???
.....that is the cutest thing: EVER.

Oh Lord, they just get sweeter every day.


Ohhh, so sweet. I enjoy seeing photos of your two pugs. Love that they've taken to a padded envelope. And I thought cats only did that. :)


what a picture you paint
with your
shadow pillow envelope words.


i feel all soft and comfortable

Art Tea Life

Make room for me on the shipping envelope !

I will be right over !



LOL, I can imagine the sound of two pugs sleeping. I can't believe how fast Olive got big! Maggie already looks bigger in just the two weeks she's been here - has it really already been two weeks!?

The Adventurous Art Teacher

Looks like the perfect afternoon to me.

Vicki in Michigan

Nice color blast in the first! :-)

Love your pups, and lol at the coveted shipping envelope. Sounds like those girls need some bubble wrap.........

Also like your prayer flags over the window. Excellent way to obscure wires, etc.....

Tara Bradford

Looks so lovely and peaceful! I keep meaning to tell you the package arrived. Love it and will post about it after I get caught up with a few projects. xoxox


you are a bright and welcome prayer flag in the window of my heart.



Shipping envelope? How CUTE is that!!!


hahaha; two pugs sleeping. I can only imagine. My daughter has a brussels griffon and she puts up quite an uproar when she sleeps. In that lovely room - who would want to go outside?

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