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May 30, 2010



Oh so very mellow and peaceful this blog of yours. Great lyrics by Tim Rice. It is a circle of life. I'm a little under the weather. I just got over an awful cold less than 2 weeks ago and now I'm all clogged up again, hacking cough and feeling faint. This year is proving to be a "health" year. I find comfort though, coming here to read what you have to say and to see what you have painted or worked on. Have a great rest of the weekend.


I love these words and love your pictures of circles...the last one is good, the bike the 'Steph bag' the flowers...so poetic.


i am joyous that you are in my circle.


LOVE these circles you have created. Circles are such a powerful symbol and you have created some very special ones here.


Makes me proud to have a blog named Round Circle. Will the circle be unbroken, by and by.

Peace to you.


Hello Steph,
What an excellent post! The circle they do go round and round. Glad I met you because of this colorful circle of blogging buddies. Enjoy your day. All of the colors spinning, the new life, the creation, both yours and Mother Natures.



i am going round now
in my head
in my garden
in my plans for my garden
in my plans for my art...


maybe i am a goldfish
in a Big Bowl
with ideas going


{{ my big round*faced PINK zinnias
must be playing
with my overTHEtop working*brain
down here

in the mugggggy florida heat

that must be it. }}


{{ ps--thanks
for sharing some oil*cloth love;
i come here for my fix }}


community gardens are sheer love. and look at the bike basket filled to the rim. : )
happy day, friend.


As always it is a pleasure to take in your philosophy illustrated by words and magnificent photos.
I am so happy that you had a good time in Philadelphia and NYC...your hostesses are par excellence.


Dear Stephanie, I love this post, the circle everywhere, in your art and in your life... you have been so busy, traveling, making new memories and art... welcome home! roxanne

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