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July 07, 2010



I, too, have a grand dislike of snakes...but you did manage to make me see the beauty of it...and I wouldn't mind finding such beauty and bringing it home to join my other curiosities on my balcony. I absolutely love your watercolor sketching of it in your journal, such stunning pages Step...LOVE them. I really enjoy that style of visual documenting, it's so direct, unlayered, straight forward beauty.


Oh my gosh. Even dead, I'm afraid of snakes. You actually picked it up and brought it home?? Yes you did. How wonderful that you actually could bend down, look at it, study it, and then decide you have to have this creature at home so you can draw it and write about it in your journal. What a woman!! Brave! Honest! and of course Daring!! Bravo!! :))) Just teasing but oh so true. It actually is "elegant" looking. Where will you put it? Will you hang it in your studio? What if it comes back to life? (while you are painting and then starts crawling up your back) heheehehe :D bye now have a great day and rest of week.


Oh, wow. I love snakes, and this is beautiful. I think your treatment of it on the page is beautiful, too...

Julie Prichard

Excellent capture with black and white!

I'll see a snake or alligator lizard around here and stop in my tracks..the initial sighting gives me a scare..but after that I am ok. My husband on the other hand has frequent nightmares about snakes..lol wakes up in a frenzy. :)

Art Tea Life

oh wow what a find !

Steph your journal pages are true gems

I am not sure you realize this !

they are gorgeous

your painting is wonderful - so well done

and mixed in with your thots written out that way

well JUST FABULOUS and deserving of a show all their own.



This is the skin, right? It is fascinating but I don't want to meet one. I appreciate that you are the kind of person that would find beauty in a snake skin. Like your art. Always do!! like you!

Leslie M.

Fascinating Steph. The photos, the art, and the fact that you picked it up. shiver. and brought it home.
I'm glad you did though. I think.



I picked my feet up just now when I saw the first photo. Like that would prevent me from getting to close to one under the table I am sitting at! I am scared of snakes. I just always have been. A snake skin sort of creeps me out too but I might have to keep that too. :)


I am impressed by your fascinating array of subject matter for your art. You seem to see it in everything and that is a gift. You give the gift to us in your pages. Thank you.
I don't particularly like snakes. I don't like to see the big ones in person, in the wild, coming towards me, but I'll watch as they slither away if I come across their path, as they are want to do in the Southwest, (Rattlers). I've really only seen a couple in my lifetime in the wild.
You've taken something and made it interesting, even to those turned off by the object. Thanks for sharing.


Antoinette Rodriguez

What a great find. It brings back memories of my Shanghai, China trip. We were offered Snake for the main course. It was great! The spices were wonderful and the taste was like chicken. Great pictures.....



i would follow you anywhere...
and find beauty always
beside you.



love this posting


your 2 page snake spread is The Best ♥

{{ i have friendly snakes
all around my yard
they love to push
against my front porch wicker
to pull off their dead skin
and they leave the skin
for me
to find !!! }}

did i tell you
i have a salamander named puppy
who sits with me
on my front porch steps...
big old orange head
and he just sit
me in the sun...
[[ i may have posted this]]

i so love my florida yard ♥


Your snake study is wonderful... you have really captured his textures and details and curves. I hope you are having a fantastic summer, and that it isn't too hot there?! roxanne

elizabeth bunsen

a jar
of snake skins
the other jars
of other curiosities
snakes abound here
and leave their skins
so many gifts...

xox - eb.

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