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January 05, 2011



you are always an inspiration.
this morning you have helped me to hear and see
i am looking closer.....at brown paper bags.


That first photo of the Butterfly is beautiful. Especially because the wing is a bit tattered, yet how can a butterfly be anything but beautiful?
Recently I took a book out from the Library. The topic was 1500 and 1600 engravings of insects. SO cool!!!!So nice of your friend to lend you the Marley book!
Hope your New Year is bopping right along.


Jenny F

When i looked at the first photo, silly me, I thought i was seeing someones neck with a butterfly on it. gross huh? Love those beetles!


ah ha!!! I do know how to spell my name!!! I like the creepy crawlies...hang in there this weekend...mucho love--Linda G.


love bugs...i'll never forget taking my 6 yr. old son into a bead store on one our trips and finding these iridescent, green bug wings that had a hole drilled in them and they were being sold as beads...needless to say, we bought some for his favorite auntie..happy new year, steph


Whoa! Artful Bug Gatherings. Who would have thought????? Thanks for they eye-opening view at some dead? bugs.


Wow. I love images of bugs. They really are so beautifully complex. I have problems with actual bugs. Especially bugs with crunchy parts. Or bugs that fly and make chittery little noises. I don't like bugs in my vicinity. I don't like bugs that sting, either. Or, spit. I mean, I don't dislike bugs, because we need them. But I just want them to be somewhere else.

Where's the border control on bugs, is my question.


Oh, I love Chris's comment! And I love bugs too. Except big spiders. And ugly ones... but they are so much fun to draw, and collage with, and collect when I am lucky. You take such beautiful photos of butterflies...and this book looks amazing! What kind of camera do you use, anyway....! roxanne

Rhonda Roo

Oh! Oh! Thanks for the tip on the book-you know i love me some bugs...i think i even did a post once. or maybe twice. :)

anyhoo, they are very artistic themselves...glad our kindred spirits INterSECT!
(whew i worked hard for that one)
:) xoxoxox roo

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