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January 06, 2011



Ok.......'nuff said. I won't say, "This piece bugs me."


yeah...really...what a gorgeous piece!

noelle clearwater

I LOVE this. It is colorful and playful and filled with joyful bugs and flowers. Conga lines are the Best! Beautiful piece Stephanie!! I love all the little artistic shades of color in the flowers inside. Lovely. Happy Conga-ing.


Such colorful bugs..... mix in dragonflies and many mini roses equals lots of joy going on.

Art Tea Life

this is awesome

it brought me Great Joy also

Thank YOU !

still chuckling and smiling over it...hearing the conga beat


Kate I

How sweet...It's always dancing time at your house!


How "buggy" fun! :) I love the conga. Have a great weekend.


Okay, you're starting to bug me.

hahaHAAHAAH!!! get it?

(awesome roses)

(the whole thing is pretty)



xox - eb.

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