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February 08, 2011



Great quote Steph! If we will only have the eyes to see~ there is beauty to behold and when we embrace the beauty we allow ourselves to be filled with peace.


peaceful photograph. Very still. I love this time of year so much!


my post is somehow similar but oh so tongue in cheek.

love your light....
please take this in every way!


The light in the top photo is very cool --


Great photo. I'm so busy watching the sun rise over the top edge of Turtleback Mountain that I never think of grabbing a camera. But I like the photo I carry in my mind all day too. Glad you share the beauty and thoughts with us.



Winter is so much more tolerable when the sun is shining! That is a beautiful picture -- and a very apt quote.


Yes, the winter months can be looong. It helps when there is either a big blizzard and everything is covered in a perfect blanket of white or if there is hint of spring in a mild breeze.The view outside your window is pretty, though, and the colours on the walls of your Mango Studio are lush and vivid - a perfect antidote to the winter blues.

Fran Meneley

Beautiful photos in this harsh February...and it does seem to go on and on. I've been doing watercolors of flowers in my journal and trying to stay present to the beauty of the winter landscape. Thanks for the reminder. Love the Terry Tempest Williams quote! xo

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