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March 08, 2011



Well, I never thought of fossils but they do seem inspiring!
Janelle, in Africa, is reading science and physics books......
is this a new spring of looking at things in an entirely new way?

Such lovely photos, Steph


yummy earth tones
at your house, steph,
whilst the same colors
in different ways
held my eye
whilst beach~walking...


what is fueling my inspiration?

being outside on warm days,
becoming re*acquainted
blooming nature...

{{ i have been collecting
brownish*red hawk feathers
from my front yard
because they


they tickle my Fancy }}

Meri @ Meri's Musings and Playing Along

What's fueling my imagination is knowing that I will be buying wood painting panels for encaustic substrates tomorrow when I drive to Seattle for a meeting. Next step: book studio time.


What's fueling my imagination is walking outside in my backyard of which I haven't been able to do. Looking at my cactus garden. Feeling the soil and knowing that soon we will have veggie plants galore. Yes that inspires me, as do your posts. Have a great Wednesday.


let the good times roll indeed!

now please tell me ether net, where is the comment i left this morning? in praise of feathers, rock and soul???


look at everything i have missed since being gone! I love the different directions you are taking; paused at the bird + fossil; love the drawing on brown paper!


Hi Steph,
Feathers are SO interesting! and BEAUTIFUL and mysterious. I ADORE them and birds. Esp after my dad died. It was one of his gifts to me. Want to read that article. Yesterday my mom and I went to the eye dr. There was a National Geo. mag. We read about how foxes (and other wild animals) are domesticated. Did you read that article????? Those foxes~~ Oh my I want one!!

your work is looking great Steph.
What is fueling me now is the shrine for Rebecca and it's really making me happy.
Also, the puppet theater that my mom and I are working on. What is fueling me is the process itself. How one thing leads to the next. It is a mysterious and rewarding challenge.

Hugs friend,

shibori girl

I could use some fuel now - feeling a little burnt out and tired of these dreary days.

Perhaps I should brave the wet and go hunting for some feathers...



You fuel my imagination! I will find the national geographic and read it page by page! The article looks wonderful. and you know I love this piece! The colors, that exquisite orange, and the black and white! happy saturday... roxanne

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