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July 21, 2011


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whoa Nellie!

i DO fine Joy
in your punk*rock roosters!


i have been photographing roosters myself
as they seem to B everywhere these days!

why oh why
i do wonder?

have They been here all along
only NOW do i see them?

{{ i find
~~such energy~~
in your use of color over here, stephanie.
you never fail me
when i am in need
of yellow & red!

thank goddess! }}


Beautiful. I love how colorful your art is. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Toni baxter

you doodle-doo well no matter what the subject! roosters are real wise guys and your work shows that! fun. lyle

Sue Fox

I checked out your charming chickens and they do catch my eye, colourful birds, worthy of a joyful haiku doodle doo.

Sue x


stunning!!!! i have fallen hard for one of these cocks of the walk, hum....shall i tell you which one???

i feel the synergy of us...still going strong from our time creating together. plaster love is so joyfully shared!


 encore...please of please

oh my Steph...I LOVE YOUR CHICKEN ART...I want them all...keep painting...I love them


I am finding joy in your happy roosters! They are all so full of life!

Dawn Elliott

I wonder what it is about these crazy creatures that we love so much? Yours are truly beautiful. Stephanie, the variety of your talents continue to delight and astound me!

jenny f

I love your chickens and the surrounding colors you are using. Fabulous.


I have a thing for chickens and love this one and the marvelous colors. YeeHaw!

Meri @ Meri's Musings

When I was little we had a chicken named Archie. . . I couldn't quite understand how Archie ended up as dinner.


Doing the chicken dance.
These are way cool.


Fowl. Are chickens fowl? Are these roosters or hens? Did you think of their sex before drawing them? Just wondering. You do good work. I can see that from the sublime to the ridiculous is but a short leap. You start with one, then expand to include a gallery. I am amazed by your creative talent, and I am not joking one bit! Nice!



How colourful and gorgeous your chickens are!! And, of course, so practical!! Great haiku! =)

a Fanciful Twist

I LOVE THEM!!! Yes yes, I agree, keep painting these!

You inspire me! I started 3 chicken paintings about 6 years ago, and never finished them... I wonder where they are?

I have been catching up with you, and Miss Stephanie, you are always up to pure goodness. There is such an incredible vibe that emanates from your creativity.

Love, V

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