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August 03, 2011



YES!! of course we shall need to celebrate dia de bloglandia together!!!!

where will your show be? as it turns out i will be state side this dia de los muertos and would love to place my life size mosaic skulls in a DOD art show! they simple just need to get out and about!

Erin Perry

Yes, please! Love the mystery of the egg shell in the first photo and then seeing it in the second.


Steph, what you've done with the egg shell is amazing. It is beautiful!

lyle baxter

fascinating things are starting! I'm at work on cigar box ofrendas. have a second one ready to be photoed for etsy! what fun!love the face hiding in the egg. talented chicken!cant wait to see what goes on the outside of the egg!


I LOVE it. The contrast is inspiring. You could stop right there...but more is always a good thing!


Yes! Count me in this November, Stephanie. I've already made a few little paper mache skeleton heads.

And I like what you are doing here...I like the fragility of the eggshell with the marigold petals and skull on the inside.

Fran Meneley

Oh yes! Day of the Dead - never too early to start thinking about it - already looking ahead in the calendar while trying to enjoy every single moment of this season. I'm fascinated by the egg shell! Beautiful! xo


i say------>


to the arty*egg
with the marigolds!
{{ be still my heart }}

to the DOD celebration...

to celebrating life
here & elsewhere,
now & later,


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