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September 02, 2011


deb taylor

oh Steph...this is so beautiful. On so many levels...honoring the lives of such curious objects of beauty and I adore the artistry of the cabinet! You inspire me so!


such a fun
Cabinet for Curiosities!

i love how you
tin*pimped it


when you can--->
come see a Brand New Butterfly!

i watched her being born
after sitting in the grass
all morning
i could hardly stand up....


{{ sometimes nature viewing
can exhaust a person }}

i think i recognize that B
one of those moths...

i think i do!

Dawn Elliott

What a beautiful cabinet, made of recycled materials, which are so dear to my own heart! It's the perfect place to honor the lives of the departed ones!


love this offrenda to all things small and beautiful....i too see small little gifts from me to you, transformed in your creators hands.
again the power of bloglandia to bring souls of support and honoring together.



I love cabinets of curiosities! Such history in them, beauty ... modern and old. Wonderful images!

Kim Mailhot

I love to see what artist hearts collect. This is a beautifully contained collection - obviously treasured. Thank you for giving it a voice today !
Have a great weekend !!


I'm surprised that I actually like the collection of insects, Stephanie. It must be because of their placement in a natural state. The line-up of mounted insects always disturbs me. But this? Not at all.

I also especially like how lively the cabinet is in comparison to the theme of its contents.


i love it!

cynthia eloise

such a creative cabinet, i love it.


Your etageres are like Tibetan temples! Little flags, intricate and colorful inlays, symbols of life and death... The haiku elegantly ties all this together... I'm thinking of death, too, and the Dia de los Muertos tributes... This is a lovely southwestern concept shared with us northerners--thank you!


An interesting display.
Usually if I find a dead bug
it goes out the door.


Quaint unusual collections in an artistic cabinet, bright and colorful!! Love the plaster cast embellishments... :)

lyle baxter

fantastic cabinet! you do nice work, lady!every home should have a cabinet of curiousities when children are young and curious!perhaps they would become more aware of the world around them which needs preserving! thanks for showing it to us!


It is a beautiful cabinet stephanie, done with artistry and skill. I love the look of it and the way you have presented these small creatures inside. Wonderfully and colorfully done. I think it is interesting that my post happens to have the same creatures in their living state. I thought it was a bit humorous and synchronistic. Perhaps we should have linked them..before and after.


Sensational creation. And I love the fact that if you change up what is inside, you have a whole new piece of art.

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