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October 30, 2011



I hope to be able to get something together this year. Regardless, I will most definitely be visiting all those that participate. It is always special to remember with love in our hearts those that have passed before us. Enjoy your continued preparations.


what a Fantastic marigolded~up skull
you have there
in your journal, missy!

{{ i could just sit & look
over & over again at your journal.
U know that... }}


guess what!

whilst finishing up
this morning
my shrine for my dad--
whose birthday was yesterday--
my newest nephew was born!

i know!
i know!

isn't life grand!


Nice skull. You always have the most vivid colors. I need to learn to take better pix. Have a great day.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Stephanie, I hope I understand the Nov. 1 part. I love your vivid post. You and Rebecca have helped create such an intentional community of rememberers.

Dawn Elliott

This has been a most glorious experience...getting prepared for Dia de Los Muertos togehter! I'm so excited this year...especially due to your and Rebecca's efforts. Thank you!


dear friend,
i am reminded that i met you because of dia de bloglandia!

by opening that one door, when the veil is the most transparent between the seen and unseen worlds, we have a deep rooted friendship that has taken us to san miguel to walk arm in arm in the panteon together.
i am so honored to move through the seasons of the living with you!

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

I love the pages of your journal.

lyle baxter

what fun this all has been. thanks to you and rebecca for cajoling me into joining! wouldnt miss it again for all the world.

Meri @ Meri's Musings

It's not an altar, but my 20 x 30 photo canvases of Day of the Dead dancers have been exhibited at my local bank for the past 11 days.

Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio

I am looking forward to see what everyone has done. I am so grateful to you and Rebecca for carrying this through and to all who participated. Another great journey!

peggy gatto

what a joy this has been, thank you!!!!!!

Adriana Esqueda

I will be there.


For the first time this year I walk hand in hand with the beautiful community of rememberers you and dear Rebecca have created. An initiate into the magic. Thank you for extending your hearts.


dear mangolicious...
come and meet mi tres amigas!


Everything is always so beautiful here, especially in the Autumn. I think that the Marrigold must be your very favorite flower. I love the shot below of them trailing across the bricks. And I cannot believe all the snow you got, I hope you got all your vegetables, and flowers harvested in time!

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