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October 02, 2011



I've been up since very early, checking your blog for your post. I am so excited for these weekly posts. It's like having los Dias every week!
I love the photos you've posted. Your mother's dress is fantastic!
Looking forward to sharing with others all month and then on November 1 and 2 with Bloglandia. Thank you, thank you and Rebecca for all you do and for your beautiful artwork.
Will there be a Mr. Linky?



dear compadre,
i am so honored to join you this year in spreading the enthusiasm and joy this celebration is truly about. your collection of images today just fan the flames of my passion for this tradition.

thank you also for following me to san miguel de allende last year and sharing a whirlwind of all that is dia de los muertos up close and personal!

i am so excited for the deep sense of community that will grow from this month of preparations and love!

Dawn Elliott

I'm so grateful that you and Rebecca are spearheading this incredible Dia de los Muertos venture. I know that we all have so much to share with each other and I'm excited to start enjoying the holiday now...and all month long!

Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio

It is truly an honor and a great gift to me to be able to participate in this remarkable journey of remembrance. All of my loved ones that have passed are not buried or interned here-but elsewhere, such as in Hawaii. So, this is a wonderful vehicle for me to commemorate those whom I have loved that have since gone on.
Thank you!


Hi Steph,
The altars honoring the three women who had stillbirths really gets to me!! Your display of work and seeing you in your moms dress makes my heart smile!



Love your dress and of course I too shall be participating in this years Dia. I love that you and Rebecca are hosting the Sundays in October for this. It should prove to be rewarding in many ways. I hope to post something later today. Where's Mr. Linky?? Have a wonderful day and what size is that dress? May it will fit me?? Tee hee. Take care.

Janet Ghio

What a touching tribute By laurie. I love your dress!


These altars are amazing. Thank you for this. I have started to gather some keepsakes for my shrine.Looking forward to sharing this celebration with you.


Ohhh, I wish I could visit the museum in person, Stephanie. The altars are fascinating and most definitely moving. Congratulations in having your own Day of the Dead artwork in shop. Again, I wish I could see this artwork in person. Thank goodness you remember to take photos to share with us here!

Laurie Zuckerman

Hi Stephanie, thanks so much for keeping your followers in the loop on this year's Longmont Museum Dia de los Muertos exhibition. What a great show. I feel so lucky to be the altarmaker-in-residence. A dream come true for me. This weekend at the museum I was able to get a lot more work done on my "Homage to Old Mexico" ofrenda. I'll be posting new Stage 2 and Stage 3 pictures on my blog tomorrow. Stage 4 final pictures will be posted next weekend.


What beautiful pictures. I love the shrines you've shared. And your mother's dress! Wow. :) Pam

Fran aka Redondowriter

I just love your post and photos, Stephanie, and I hope it will bring some "understanding" of this Day of the Dead celebration that many of us are preparing for.

Roz Cawley

I also find the photograph of the shrine to the stillborns very, very moving. Last year I finished a Masters degree in Death Studies, during which I developed a particular interest in the use of photographs in the context of remembering and memorialisation. I will be joining you in your celebrations this year - possibly only as an observer, but sincerely intending to be a participant. Thank you for this opportunity.
Warmest wishes from the UK.

Gilly Bean

Steph xo
First Yes! One of my fave holidays, I will participate. Thank you.
Second, love the dress.
Honoring our dearly departed should be a joyous occasion! People are so important, and because they are passed on we should find every way to honor how they touched our lives. They should always be remembered in such a creative and loving way such as this. xo

elizabeth bunsen

love the dress - yes!
you are...

xox - eb.

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