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October 22, 2011



oh my yes

do tell
how you string them!


have mine waiting
plucked ...

do you use fishing line
or jewelry thread
with a needle ??

{{ i have never done so...


...only weaving & braiding
~~wild flowers~~
with their long stems
in summer..}}


Very nice. That's a great idea and I've yet to do that. That's a lot of marigolds and I don't have anymore. Maybe next year. They look beautiful. I do string my chili's, tee hee. Have a great weekend Stephanie.

lyle baxter

Stringing marigolds is much more important in the big picture! keep up the good work!


I am so jealous! I used to grow a lot of marigolds as part of our garden. Back when we had land and grew everything we possibly could, marigolds were a large part of companion planting as prescribed by the books we read that guided our efforts.
Now,m we haven't grown anything at all. Just too chaotic, and the traveling I do would have a weedy mess nwaitingn for me if and when i get back from where ever itn is I am off to.
That said, I can't find any marigolds. Not many flower gardeners selling at the small town Farmer's markets, and they are about finished for the season.

I'll find some for Los Dias, I usually do. I hope I remember to plant some seeds next spring. Remind me, will ya?


Jennifer Ressmann

oh, fun! what do you do with them after you've strung them? I have a bunch of dead ones - wonder how those would look. :0)

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