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October 19, 2011


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so many of us are gathering all our precious materials for our beloved dia de los muertos altars. thank you for the honor of sharing the hosting of dia de bloglandia this year.

i am so thrilled at all the peeks and stories shared each sunday for the art of remembering.
enthusiasm is your lovely light of gold!

Meri @ Meri's Musings

No marigolds to gather in my garden. I'll have to keep a look out.

Dawn Elliott

I can't wait to see your finished altar shots - how exciting that it will have fresh marigolds. Good thinking!


Love the marigolds. Gold in them thar hills for sure. Love the photo with the reflection.
Joy to you and yours.

Kim Mailhot

Gorgeous gold, Stephanie ! I gathered the last of my marigolds this week - not enough to fill an altar or make a lovely necklace but enough to fill a little vase and enjoy their scent...and the memories they evoke.
Thanks for the golden joy !

elizabeth bunsen

the gold
marigolds - here
are somehow scarce
in this golden time
love the idea
of bags - full
over flowing with marigolds...

xox - eb

your fall looks gorgeous! I GOT the tablecloth and bag!! Love 'em! Check heading to you!

Dorian Fletcher

More Colorado color to in California, we're still waiting for fall. It's still in the 80s during the day and I am waiting for a cold snap so the Chinese pistache turn a bright red. Beautiful pics, Stephanie.

Jennifer Ressmann

It's been such a great season hasn't it!


Seriously, that tree picture...

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