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October 09, 2011



Whenever I see a butterfly, or a dragonfly for that matter, I believe it to be a spirit of someone I know paying me a visit. I almost always think it is my daughter saying hello. I love this idea.
Fantastic photos.
Recently, while oin Taos, NM, I took many photos of a cemetery. So many crosses, and each with a butterfly, colorful and very large, adorning the center of each cross. It was a wonderful mplace as this is.



stephanie...such soulful beauty. i am taken with butterflies, as many are. a spark of life that floats from flower to flower with wings of gossamer beauty, yet strong enough to make this migration is such a inspiration to live a passionate life.
in my appreciation of fragility with the strength of steel, i am propagating Asclepias tuberosa, an important host plant for the monarch.
i love your photographs and the idea that butterflies are visiting souls. i also feel my father is speaking to me every time i find a heart shaped stone.

i love the way we embrace dia de los muertos as a tradition. i also love the way so many of us "find" our loved ones near us in our day to day.

again, i am so honored to be sharing in hosting dia de bloglandia, such a beloved blog tradition from you and susanna!



Stephanie, that's so beautiful. You taught me something new about the glorious butterfly. I will forever now look at the butterfly in a different way. How wonderful to think that a lingering butterfly could be someone's soul/spirit.Inspiring and intense. Thank you.


Last year a butterfly landed on my shoulder. I knew it was a blessing. The migration of the Monarchs amazes me!

Kate I

I've been fortunate enough to see the amazing butterflies in Michoacan and will never forget the experience. Your work is lovely and such a beautiful tribute to this symbol of birth, death and the eternal cycle of the soul.


I love those golden oranges of the monarch, the marigolds, and the candles. A butterfly is so delicate and fragile, and the fact that they travel as far as they do - it's inspiring! :))

Adriana Esqueda

Butterflies, to me, are symbols of here today maybe gone tomorrow and the fragility of life. Beautiful pictures.

elizabeth bunsen

just today at the beach
while gathering stripeys
I found a pair of wings...

beautiful post,
xox - eb.

Magical Mystical Teacher

When I see a butterfly, I give thanks and praise...

Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio

I had no idea that Longmont had such a big community affair for Dia de los Muertos. Ho wonderful-and that it is indeed spreading more and more throughout our lives. Loved all the butterflies-I am ready to fly!

Fran aka Redondowriter

Stephanie, I read the most wonderful book last week which is about the migration from the northern U.S. from the POV of a young Latino woman raised by her grandma. I highly recommend it. It is called, "The Butterfly’s Daughter, " by Mary Alice Monroe. I intend to write more about this next week. I just love your photos and the info you have provided.

Laurie Zuckerman

Lovely photos, Stephanie! The morning my father died, I saw a migrating monarch in my yard. I have always associated that butterfly with my father's soul. I've been using them on my Day of the Dead altars ever since. Can't believe that the show includes this stunning exhibit of monarchs you have photographed.


i so love your posts : ) i posted about dia de bloglandia today on my blog : )


~~the soul!~~

when i watch butterflies
being born
i do wonder
if i am watching a soul


i will never look on this
the same....

Ascender Rises Above

We have a butterfly sanctuary in Santa Cruz; went last year when they were hanging from the trees. When I was growing up, in Iowa, they would migrate through our neighborhood. For a couple days our trees would be completely orange and then the next day: gone. We never saw them in motion.

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