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October 23, 2011


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Jennifer Ressmann

oh, well, there ya go. this post didn't show yet.

wow - that's a lot of stuff to compost!

elizabeth bunsen

and I would love to make some
alas no marigolds this year
remembering for next...

quiet beauty
the song of gentle rain
and some touching remembrances
of others
remembering this...

xox - eb.


Such glorious vivid lovely
chains to link us to our memories.
I do hope I'll manage to join in this year.
Sending lots of love your way from the East Coast!


Wow you must've had a bumper crop of marigolds. The chains are so beautiful.


Beautiful Stephanie, as always of course. Thanks for the lesson. I will remember this for next year. The dried marigolds can be saved for seeds you know. I always save my marigold seeds when they dry. Thanks for your lovely post.


oh stephanie,
so much joy here today!!! i have FALLEN hard for orange as each marigold passes through my hands!
and your last fitting as so many of us are putting our gardens to rest for the winter.
i am so grateful for all the sharing and enthusiasm gathering in the art of remembering i have decided to honor each october this way.
i can hardly imagine how rich the candle light will be as we sit together for dia de bloglandia!


lyle baxter

Arent marigolds the best! I have some that just started blooming from seed heads I tossed back in the flower pot! poor things their days are numbered! I've had lotsa fun puting the boxes together and learned things to do in the future too. wait till you see next weeks box its the best. thanks for looking! ps. the stripeys have set me off in a whole new direction. some will show up soon!

Fran aka Redondowriter

Stephanie, so many wonderful new ideas. I have to ask where you get marigolds, however. I haven't found them at the local flower shops--and neither Michaels or Joann's locally has them in silk. I think I'll do some Internet hunting. Thanks.

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Lovely, lovely, lovely. I love the colors of marigolds. Never thought of stringing them together before this.

Adriana Esqueda

Beautiful marigold chains. Thanks for sharing how you accomplished them. Your Catrina is wonderful, is she sugar?

Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio

A reminder to me to plant marigolds next year as I usually don't see them. I contemplated taking some from our neighbor's front yard!
I love how all that we share with each other brings us together.
"You need not feel alone-the journey makes us one."


thank you
4 explaining it all
I can do it!


i Need more plants
but still they are wonderful
all head to toe this way...


every single time
i make these
the future
i will
remembering U!


I am going to plant marigolds next summer so I can make a chain like this. Gorgeous!

Queenie Believe

Your marigold chains are wonderful! Some of my most favorite colors I can't wait for the Dia De Bloglandia event.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

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