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November 01, 2011



dear stephanie,
i have waited up in the candle light for midnight and the spirits of our loved ones to hover ever so near to us. thank you for the honor of hosting dia de bloglandia together. i am so happy to be welcoming everyone here at your blog home and also at mine. everyone will be one more candle of light shared. your altars are beautiful with love and tenderness.
may we all feel the flame within us grow to live a life full of passion.


Dear Steph, I have no ofrenda to share, but I was sure you would, so wanted to come by to honor your's. I think I will light a candle for a bit though and sit remembering loved ones who have gone on...Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories (my Nannie - grandma -- always measured with pinches and handfuls too). Hugs and blessings to you. xox

Roz Cawley

Thank you, Stephanie, for allowing me to glimpse into your beautiful celebration and to take part in this special memorial event with you from here in England, where I have been able to participate using my own cultural artefacts and history. It is a special thing that you and Rebecca have created for this day. xxx

lyle baxter

dear steph and rebecca, Last year you two persuaded me to look at all the ofrendas and other tributes people made and to try making my own. It was interesting and fun but this year you two really pulled me into the festivities. thanks so much . I have learned much about another culture and had a great time making my little cigar box shrines. I am already looking for things for next year.


This is such a moving post, Stephanie.
Your splendid loving spirit shines through --I hope to your loved ones no longer here.
I have been thinking a lot these last few days of three women who died recently --my mother in law, my aunty Mary and a dear neighbor called Dot. I will try to make a post later today.
Sending much love to you

Sue Fox

How beautiful your tradition is, filling our hearts with a sense of belonging to something that bridges all cultures, and brings comfort to all who are bound by the same commonality.

Thank you Stephanie for welcoming us to your intimate spiritual home, may you find peace and comfort on this day.

Sue x

deb taylor

Stephanie, thank you for sharing your beautiful tributes here, this day. Such a beautiful tradition, enriched by visiting San Miquel with you last year. As I gaze deeply into each photo, I can feel the love and honor of your family. Hugs to you and Mr R.


Dear Steph,
Will be out of town with my mom at the drs. When I get back, I'll be by to read all!


I am so happy and honored to be a part of this remembrance. Sharing in the celebration of the lives of our loved ones with others has been very helpful for me. Thank you for hosting this Day of the Dead celebration. You will find me to be a regular visitor to your blog in the future.
♥ audrey


Oh how beautiful and moving your tribute. I too will be going out of town for a few hours but when I get back I will be by everyone's tribute. Stephanie your tribute is so moving and how we live with our memories, most good but a lot sad yet we go on. Thanks Stephanie, because of you this is my 4th year paying tribute and this year although I did the one post, I posted two, one in a different page than the first. Take care and thank you and Rebecca.


Stephanie, I just left the link to my regular blog. The other link is for the new page I did. Hope I'm not confusing you.

Erin  Perry

What a special time, to remember with tears and laughter the wonderful people who have gone on before us. Thank you Stephanie for once again hosting this blog-wide get-together.
Erin in Morro Bay


i am so touched my this, stephanie...

{{ you do know
how i cry
with tenderness }}

so very very very
important to hold our emotions
in our hands
in our hearts
in our homes...

to be open and loving
with our feeling concerning death
and those we love
who no longer walk this planet...

thanks greatly to you and rebecca
for providing
a venue of remembering
for us all.

Dawn Elliott

I have so enjoyed sharing the experience of Dia de los Muertos this year with you and Rebecca, and all who participated in this journey. Sharing all of our stories has been richly fullfilling, helping to make this tradition more tangible. Your ofrenda is magical and very dear. How beautiful that it's located where you can enjoy it fully. Feliz Dia de los Muertos to you and Mr. R!


Hi, I came via Gloria and want to tell you that I love your post - Beautiful altar, thanks for sharing.

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