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November 06, 2011



so beautiful...your offrenda to the changing seasons.
we are suddenly dressed in grey with a low cold sky pressing down. your flowers, so beautiful in their universe of scattered leaves.
my life is so brightened with your friendship and the warm knowing we will weather all the changes together.


it is sad to see those bright colors of summer waning and yet tucked under all the fresh fallen leaves is already the promise of next summers bounty. Lovely mandala to this fallen season.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Absolutely exquisite and we all have your photos to prove that mandalas are everywhere--naturally built, or lovingly built by those who know the mystical power of a circle.

Sue Fox

The petals are falling off one by one on our last roses here in England, I love your mandala, a farewell goodbye to the season.

Sue x


The beauty and wisdom of mandalas... how I love them. And your flower manadala is a joy and gift behold, Rebecca... I feel like dancing around it! ;o) Happy Week ((HUGS))


So charming and a worthy celebration of the changing season!
Saw Susanna yesterday


Adriana Esqueda

Beautiful what God leaves behind to remind us of a Him and the change in season that is about to arrive.

Kim Mailhot

Goodbye to that kind of color as winter comes soon. Love your mandala celebration.
Have a cozy week, Lovely Stephanie !

Jessie Maggio

Hi Stephanie! If you have the opportunity, check my mom's blog (The Adventurous Art Teacher) I posted about my experience teaching a mini unit about Dias de los Muertos. I am happy to report it was a success!! Thanks again for all your help!


you might guess
I was inspired
to spin
an end of season
as well
yours is lovely
that time change
always throws me...

xox - eb.


Yes I too can see your Mandala as a form of ofrenda. Love it, beautiful sight.

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