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December 02, 2011


Sue Fox

Oh I wish I could visit Katy's studio it looks so warm and welcoming!

Have a lovely time,

Sue x

deb taylor

Blinking my eyes, twitching my nose and clicking my heels...wishing I could be there with you. That twinkly lit porch is magical and oh how I wanna hug that hunky Mr.R!! xoxo


Oooh nice. Wishing I could be there. Love those light on that arch and outside. It's very homey and artistic and looks like everyone was enjoying themselves. Thx for sharing, have a great weekend.


dear one,

i thought of you so many times as the snow fell all day here too. so much beauty to lure everyone out into the elements and land in that safe harbor of creativity and holiday jOY!
i hope this entire weekend is full of merry and success!


Woww the white stuff has already paid you a visit! Talking about visit, thanks for allowing me to visit this beautiful place! :)


The pictures you share of studio events just make me feel all warm and friendly.
I try to fight it.


warm and wonderful!
walking here
with you
just splendidly

love all the work
what a great mix - very very nice,

xox - eb.


BEAUTIFUL and FESTIVE! I wish I could have been there too...*sigh*... I hope it all was great fun and a great success. :o) ((Love & Light))


Hey Steph,
Wonderful, fabulous, colorful, enchanting!!
Looks like a magical event. Hope ALL of your shows will be fun and a great success for you and your artist buddies too!


Queenie Believe

Looks like a beautiful opening!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie


All that gorgeous work, the flickering lights and snow! Yes, let the season begin for sure. Looks like a beautiful night. roxannne

Tuscan Explorer

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Fun! I wish I could have been there in person. Everyone looks so happy surrounded by such beautiful artwork. Btw, does the artist who made the woodcuts have a website?

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