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March 27, 2012



Good for you, feeling more colors than blue. How did you capture that amazing shot of the heron? Really great.


Great shots. Love that blue water and that blue lady looks great. I'm feeling the need to paint a blue lady, perhaps I will. Glad you are seeing more colors other than "blue." Life is good Stephanie, every minute is precious. Take care.


exquisite photographs
this study in stunning blue!


oh oh oh
that blue leaping heron!

morning light
pink + orange,

xox - eb.

Sue Fox

Although there is lots of beauty in blue, I'm glad you are starting to feel the warmer tones!

Simply stunning photo story.

Sue x


let blue wash over you
needed, steph...

never ever
heart's own--->
Zest for Life shade of Mango


Hey Steph!!
Yes!! to ALL of your beautiful blues!!
And to beautiful nature.
The last photograph of Sophie painted by Julia is fascinating. How is it that the purple fabric in the background is reflecting trees? Is it vinyl?

THinking of Y O U !!!


Or is it reflecting trees?
Perhaps it's my imagination.


The heron is such a magical creature... I miss them a lot, as we don't have them here. Beautiful Sophie as blue bird. I would love be painted that way--as a bird! The sparrow is one of my power animals, so that's what I'd choose maybe. Last autumn I took a creative/painting course dealing with the chakras... It cracked me open in so many ways, not least the way I appreciate, use and live colors. :o) Hope you heart-healing time is good just now, my friend ((HUGS))

Kim Mailhot

Oh, that heron gave me shivers !

Blue is a good color to be for awhile. It lets your heart stay calm to let go of hurt, bit by bit. The other colors can wait.

Big hugs and love to your Blue Heart.

linda@Lime in the coconut

WOWZA....those are some TRUE blue birds!!

Lisa Hoffman

Wow Steph!....great shots (you're such a great photog) and Sophie looks stunning.

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