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March 13, 2012


lyle baxter

wonderful photos! love the background behind the pods! some day you'll have to give us an up to date tour of the cabinet of curiosities. meanwhile we're always looking for wonderful finds. Maybe one of your followers can tell us which Palm those pods are from.thank you for the pics, lyle

Kim Mailhot

Interesting additions to your cabinet, Stephanie. Love the seed pods very much. I am not into skeletons so much but it is unbelievable that that delicate remnant made it to you all intact that way !
Happy Tuesday, Lovely One !

Queenie Believe

It is soooo much fun to receive surprise treasure in the mail, enjoy!
Have a great day,
Always, Queenie


Cool seed pods, Stephanie. I really like your idea of having a curiosity cabinet. I actually found myself peering more closely to your photo, trying to figure out what else is in that cabinet of yours. :)


lyle is generous and thoughtful.
beauty everywhere.
you have the eyes of curiosity.
so perfect!

linda@Lime in the coconut

Dayum...hoping the gecko didn't sart out live in the journey @xx@

Art Tea Life

I have been saving a few curiosities for you - I must get them sent !

The gecko was quite a find and the black heart pods are divine


lyle baxter

love reading your comments and no, he didnt start the trip alive. the gecko was found mummified along a baseboard in a florida room in where else Winter Garden Fla. It was a long journey for him and I am so glad he arrived in one piece!


Ooo...LOVE those soft-shaped, heart-shaped pods. What are they actually? And I've never seen a gecko skeleton. Be sure to show us more when you add such curiosities to the cabinet. Happy Weekend, Stephanie :o) ((HUGS))


I, too, have a curiosity cabinet. Anything that sadly drowns in our pool, including deadly funnel web spiders, ends up in a jar in my cabinet. At first I preserved them in gin but my son now provides pure alcohol. I have snakes and lizards, as well as the spiders, and a few skeletons. Feathers, bones, leaves, pods; my grand children love having their own museum - and so do I.

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