JOY and Calaca LOVE

Up Up and Away


Linda's painting of the 2 of us dancing surrounded by the japanese maple leaves

Mr R and I are off...again!  Dancing our way to San Miguel to experience Dia de los Muertos traditions, art, music...armloads of marigolds

As the seasons change

Calacas come out to dance

and we embrace it

one last Haiku my HeART before meeting up with Rebecca and other friends...I won't be blog visiting but will return with lots of inspiration to share.




WONDERFUL painting...what liveliness and love! :o) Happy travels, Stephanie ((HUGS))

lyle baxter

what a delightful couple! have a great time! and come home with some treasures!

Kim Mailhot

Have a wonderful trip ! Hug rebecca for me! And Bonnie ! And yourself !

Enjoy your flight of fancy....

Kate I

Have a lovely time in beautiful San Miguel! I look forward to your pictures and stories of experiencing Dia de los Muertos in Mexico. What fun!

Linda Gleitz

ha! I didn't recognize the painting when the image first popped up but I thought that's kinda cool...oh yeah I did it! So glad I react positively to SOME of my you guys have a wonderful time...I hate this freakin snow..enjoy the warmth! Mucho love-L.


how exciting to be in san miguel with mr r , rebecca and friends!! i can't wait to hear about your adventures. xo

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