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November 25, 2012


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Oh ~ love your photographs of such a beautiful place and your journal pages are exquisite and bring the place alive with their colors ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^


Wow, you had a marvelous time , didn't you?
How beautifully you capture the moments. Looks like you really were able to take it all in. I'm envious.


Oh your photos and words are so beautiful. The inspire me to begin an art journal although I am no artist. I just feel a compelling call to use my hands to record the beauty I see around me. Thank you.

Gorgeous journal pages and great photos, so much inspiration and colour.


oh stephanie this is gorgeous! each loving detail, each rousing light. thank you and your guapo husband for returning to san miguel with me! every moment treasured and full of laughter and delight.

i am hoping your shared beauty here will encourage a few more followers for holy week.

and yes,i will hold out for you and "the next time!"


Hi Dear Steph,
What a super collection of art and photographs of your memories which I thankfully am alos able to absorb through your visual memories. Your journal entries are fab!!

Hope you and your fam all had a very happy Thanksgiving. Speaking of thanksgiving, I wanted to be sure to thank you again for the book you sent me, as I became aware of things I needed to know during the recent journey my mom and I traveled.


lyle baxter

the photos are great, but the journal pages are even better! thank you for giving us a tour!

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Beautiful place, beautiful you!


Stephanie! I love your journal. It's lovely and colorful, like you. Do you use watercolor pencils ever? I am starting to work with those... a challenge!



Magical Mystical Teacher

Are those your sketchbooks, journals? Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!

Fran Meneley

What a lovely post! Love your new banner too! It's so great to see your wonderful travel journal pages...they so capture the spirit of San Miguel. Love them!


How I love seeing these postcards... was it only three weeks ago that we said good-bye? Such a short time and now it seems an eternity, but your postcards are forever in my heart... xo


WONDERFUL!Beautiful art journal! A treasure.

Lisa Hoffman

Genius Journaling!
feels like your art: colorful, uplifting, original.
Hey, let's paint our houses that zinnia pink.....I'm sure Greg and Jim would approve *wink*

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