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December 15, 2012


lyle baxter

so glad you reposted the movie! If you find more please let me know! what a wonderful thing especially on top of the conn. horror! we need an email snowstorm to our congressmen about assault weapons!I cant imagine what it must be like to know your baby wont be there tomorrow!


i posted this very video on facebook last sunday. why deos last sunday seem like a lifetime ago? i has so moved by the generosity of spirit. the magnificent show of grace, ingenuity and beauty. the way a few dreams grew to touch countless lives, the way it is now singing out to touch the entire world. not one person left a comment. i do not even think anyone took the time to watch it. thank you for offering it here today. it is so full of the resilient spirit of humankind.

Meri @ Meri's Musings

This is truly amazing -- how the human spirit longs for beauty!

Sue Fox

This fills my heart to bursting, thank you for sharing, just what the spirit needs after such a blow of the afore mentioned! x


Extraordinary. Absolute fabulous. Beauty is truly everywhere. Sometimes we just have a dig for it.


Beautiful positive spin video ~ thanks so much ~

(A Creative Harbor) aks artmusedog and Carol ^_^

thanks for coming by


Thank you for the wonderful video to soothe an aching heart. Just what we need today.


Dearest Steph, I love this. It not only brings a smile, but hope. It is all the best of the human spirit. Thank you for sharing it with us today and for holding my hand across space in weaving love sweet friend...


My thoughts and prayers fly to those in CT, USA... I've been in tears most of the weekend, trying to hold peace in my heart in the midst of the unfathomable tragedy that happened this past Friday. So good to see this video now--thank you, Stephanie ((HUGS))


I almost didn't watch your video but I'm so glad I did. In the midst of the horror we have to look always for the good. So hard to find God at times but you have shown a small bit of hope today!

Adriana Esqueda

Precioso video! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and inspiring video. It brought tears of joy and a warmth to my heart.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Even in the midst of tears, we need some levity!


This was so touching and heartwarming. I had this posted on my facebook page yesterday.


Hi Stephanie. Awesome. Just popped in this morning to check mail and had to see this video. I love it! Thank you.

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