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Postcards of the Cold Moon

it's the cold moon, this last full moon of 2012...and cold it was

I glimpsed the moon rise while driving back from the mountains...huge and orange, rising up from the canyon walls. I woke early to capture it's last minutes. The dark early morning sky turing pink then pale blue...

but for fear that my nose and finger tips would freeze off I went back to my car and watched the show through frosty camera battery zapped from the cold.


I think perhaps my car does not register below zero was that cold.

Wishing you a warm weekend of this cold full moon.

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Good morning, Stephanie. Here we are again, the postcard early birds. Brrrrr. Zero degrees. I hope the sun's arrival has taken a bit of the edge off that number. Stay inside and warm. :-)


Gorgeous images. I am happy to hear it was your camera battery and not your car battery that zapped. A very happy new year to you!


Oh! I didn't know that last nights moon was called a "cold moon." What a lovely way to put into words the last full moon of December. It is cold here too, but not quite zero degrees yet.
Such lovely photographs!

pas cher new era

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