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December 02, 2012


Sue Fox

There is nothing more frustrating that techi probs, just today my mouse would not work and I nearly had a mini panic, good job you got your juicer to keep you topped up with stress fighting goodies. x

Magical Mystical Teacher

What is "green juice"? Would I like it? Does the Virgin? :)



Hope you get things going. Any post you do is always breath taking. Love green juice. I use Spirolina with yogurt and honey. Take care.


Lovely post ~ I had similar 'glitches in my computer this week so am too 'playing catch up' ~ we will get there ~ glad you have another toy to play with ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^


Ah, I am technologically challenged and I dislike it when all that hardware stuff goes awry. I'm a software kind of girl! Good luck.

Dawn Elliott

Nice to see that you were able to connect today, even with the dreaded computer woes!
Your juice looks delicious and wholesome...how does it compare to SMA's?


oh stephanie..may all your computer woes be behind you soon! so glad you are here as beautiful as ever!


lyle baxter

take those bad boys out in the wilderness and shoot them! there is nothing more frustrating than the weirdo behavior of our gadgets! they are possessed! hope you get everybody shaped up soon!


Hope your technical glitches even out soon, Stephanie. I've been slow to get here myself as our internet connection has been wonky for days. Oooo... a juicer! I've been curious about one of those. I use my blender a lot, but a juicer is better for some things. But one more gadget to store! Lovely to catch up with you after returning from some travels and Thanksgiving break!
I'm in a place of trying to find a harmony in all there is to do at the moment and still find time to enjoy the things I love to do--like painting, etc. This time of year is such a challenge in that respect! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Jenny Lee

That juice looks wonderful. My husband and I would like to do more juicing, but I have the worst kitchen and no space for the machine! Perhaps I should build a little juice bar in my den.


I will be right over, for you are now the juicing queen, and soon... the mac queen!

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