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December 14, 2012


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Jenny Lee

I can't decide what I love more... those wonderful chickens, or that juicy pug. That picture really captures the dumpling-like qualities of a pug - love it!


LOVE Olive... and the chickens! Hang in there chicky! ;o) ((HUGS))


The birds are talking and the pug is planted...what are you worried about...:D
Best wishes for your show...they look fantastic♥

Deb Taylor

I completely adore you and little birds with clothespin beaks!! xoxoxo


Loving these little babies. Especially the pug!!


outside of splendid days with mary and now some haiku i have been completely off the blogsphere!

your chickens are fabulousa!!!! looks to me like you are having a clucking good time! but just ask olive, appearances can be deceiving!!


Olive is so funny. Well, maybe I'M the funny one since I had the hardest time seeing her. Little cutie.


I too, could NOT see Olive at first! Then there she was... little Buddha dog... oh Steph, what a picture! I hope your chicks, which are adorable, get to enjoy pecking some luscious corn along the way... XOXOXO

lyle baxter

looks like you are getting the best of the new toys! love the birds and you know how I love that "little" black Olive! I'd like that pic framed and on my wall . its wonderful!

Toni Baxter

The blue of the "throne" cover I know, must match the color of Olives' eyes! What a beautiful girl she is!


Fat pug sitting upon a garden pot - how beautiful. Tell Miss Olive I approve.


I love these. Thanks for the smile. Wish I could be there!


Delight haiku ~ hmm seem to be on same wavelenghth on Sat ~ Love your Pub pic ~ sweetie ~

(A Creative Harbor) aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^

Magical Mystical Teacher

Laughing is almost always better than crying!

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