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January 11, 2013



{{ oh you
fortunate Girl !!

take tons of notes
i might NEED to go
where you are going ...

''''NEED to go ♥'''' }}


Have a great time!


I did not know, but I am so happy to find you and your peeps flying the coop into the warmth, into adventure, into Caribbean Blue
wonder! Have fun dear Steph! XOXOXO

Poet Laundry

Enjoy! ...and I enjoyed your haiku :-)


Have a great trip!

Much Peace


Oh how wonderful... hope you bring the sun back with you!!!

Magical Mystical Teacher

Fly away and enjoy the warmth!


Kim  Mailhot

Oh how green with envy I am !
Enjoy the sunsoaked moments.
Much love to you, Traveling Girl !

Meri @ Meri's Musings

I'm flying the coop in a week. . . I identify with the anticipation. I want some sun and some warm.


Yum Yum!


Happy Vacation Times ahead!! go for you-- enjoy all that sunshine and warmth. With you in spirit ;-)


Wishing you safe travels and joyous days in the land of suns...aaahhh... Take LOTS of photos! ;o) ((HUGS))

Sascha Immerman

Bask in the sunshine! " The Girls " and I are wishing we were there too! Walk in the warm sand, barefoot, for me! Love, Mom Hi Greggie!

Christina Hendricks Photos

We don't hate Christina Hendricks' long-sleeved vintage dress at the
The Pikey last night in Hollywood. We especially don't hate that she gave each limb an accessory to cling to--the right, a turquoise clutch, the left, her hubby Geoffrey Arend. It's
just her smirk that has us laughing, really. It says,
"Joan isn't just a pretend character..."

elizabeth bunsen

have fun!

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